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Current course listings and program requirements can be found on the Global Studies M.A. Requirements page of the UNC Academic Catalog.

Thematic Concentration

All Thematic Global Studies students will take a set of four (4) core courses, including Introduction to Research and Theory in Global Studies and a core course in each of the three (3) areas of concentration. Learn more about Global Studies M.A. program concentrations here.

Students will then take eighteen (18) elective credits offered across the UNC-Chapel Hill campus (or as appropriate at Duke or NCSU) to fulfill chosen concentrations. Up to nine (9) elective credits may be satisfied through internships, fieldwork, or study abroad opportunities.

Students will also be required to take one methods course (3 credits) in an academic discipline appropriate to their concentrations.

REEES Concentration

View REEES core courses.

Elective Courses

GLBL 893: Internship/Field Experience

Global Studies M.A. students may receive up to nine credit hours toward fulfillment of program requirements for completed internships and/or field experience by following the guidelines set forth by the Curriculum in Global Studies. To receive academic credit for an internship or field experience, students must complete the Global Studies Internship Contract and return it the Director of Graduate Studies. Students will be registered for the internship course (GLBL 893) the semester of the internship.

Approval for academic credit for the internship is required before beginning work, no exceptions.

GLBL 896: Independent Reading and Research

Independent Reading and Research is a graded three-credit course that allows students to conduct in-depth research on a topic of their choice under the supervision of Global Studies joint faculty. A student wishing to complete an independent study with faculty from other departments should attempt to petition those departments for admission to their independent study course.

Students must enroll in GLBL 896 by the first day of the start of the semester.

To enroll, students should complete the Global Studies Independent Reading and Research Contract. The contact requires a detailed plan of study, as well as signatures from the student, his or her adviser, and Dr. Erica Johnson, Director of Graduate Studies. These documents should be returned either by email or in person to the Director of Graduate Studies.