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Master's in Global Studies


The Global Studies M.A. is a two-year interdisciplinary “applied research” degree that combines scholarly rigor and practical skills. Students enrolled in the program will focus on analysis of trans-regional and trans-national themes, events, and processes that affect states and societies around the world, such as:

  • Transnational social movements
  • The diffusion of, and clashes over, political and social norms
  • Implications of global trade, investment, production, and employment patterns

The program’s courses focus on issues with contemporary global significance and policy relevance. Global Studies is an emerging discipline, and UNC-Chapel Hill is at the forefront of defining the field and evolving methodological approaches.


The educational objectives of the program are to:

  1. Highlight issues of current and emerging global significance
  2. Prepare current and future leaders with knowledge and conceptual skills needed for careers in international work
  3. Provide an education that trains individuals to understand and respond to the nature of global change

Credit Requirements

Students will be required to complete 36 credits, of which 18 credits will come from core courses, a methods course, and writing credits. Students will also complete 18 elective credits in a chosen concentration. Students will be required to complete and defend a research or policy paper.

Additional Information

Class size will be approximately 10 students per year. While many applicants will be students who have been away from university for a few years in the “field” we will consider recent graduates.

Additional questions about the Global Studies M.A. program may be addressed to Dr. Erica Johnson, Director of Graduate Studies.