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Living with Globalization

Students at the University of North Carolina live in an increasingly globalized society. It is imperative that we develop a fuller understanding of the variable nature of Earth’s people and nations.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with its rich diversity of programs possessing a strong international focus and its strong commitment to study abroad, provides an exceptional learning environment for the study of critical diversity issues.

The Curriculum in Global Studies offers students opportunities to develop fuller understanding of and a greater appreciation for global issues through a diverse, flexible, interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum.

The Curriculum in Global Studies brings together diverse perspectives and methods to analyze the complex relationships between local, national, and global structures in order to develop responses to some of the world’s most critical challenges.

Such challenges – like racial and gender injustice, economic inequality, increasing war and conflict, migration and displacement, and environmental crisis – affect and are affected by a myriad of factors. These factors include everything from individual actions, local histories, and grassroots movements to state policies, regional institutions, and international relations. To address this complexity, the Curriculum in Global Studies helps students develop frameworks of analysis and understanding by drawing from multiple academic disciplines and internationally renowned faculty across more than ten departments at UNC. Global Studies majors are able to use these resources to tailor the curriculum to their individual goals.

In addition, we offer multiple opportunities to gain global experience and expertise all while creating an exciting and nurturing community for students to become global thinkers and problem-solvers. As a result, our program transforms students into curious, compassionate, and open-minded global leaders ready to create a more just and sustainable future.

Expansive Course Content

Our courses interrogate and analyze various topics of current global significance, such as…

  • Globalization and economic change
  • Migration and diasporas
  • Environment and human rights
  • Global health and human reproduction
  • Global and local social movements
  • Technology patterns of cultural transmission
  • The lasting global impact of colonization

A Fully Integrated Learning Environment


  • on modern foreign languages, enabling students to develop proficiency in a language other than English to complement their regional expertise
  • with a thematic concentration, allowing students to hone their critical questioning and reasoning skills on a particular topic of global significance
  • with a regional focus, allowing students to develop a fuller awareness of the ways in which global forces shape and transform regional political, economic and cultural change and how regional developments in turn affect the wider global community

Navigating a Globalized Landscape of Careers

The Curriculum in Global Studies lays the groundwork for successful careers with an international dimension in a wide range of fields. Discover some of the career trajectories of past Global Studies students on the Alumni page.

For internships and other experiential learning opportunities relevant to Global Studies, visit the Internships page.