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GLBL 193: Global Studies Internship

GLBL 193 is a one-credit, controlled-enrollment, pass/fail course which will reward credit for successful completion of an internship that is deemed relevant to Global Studies. The course:

  • Satisfies the Experiential Education requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Counts as general elective credit
  • Is restricted to Global Studies majors
  • Cannot be used to fulfill any Global Studies major requirements

Note: registration for GLBL 193 does not happen in ConnectCarolina as it would for most other courses.

Please contact Dr. Michal Osterweil, Director of Internships, if you have identified an eligible internship and are interested in enrolling in the course.

  • The work or mission of the organization or institution sponsoring the internship must be meaningfully connected to a Global Studies topic.
  • The proposed internship must involve at least 100 hours of work per semester.
  • Official approval for academic credit by the Internship Advisor and Faculty Advisor is required before beginning work, no exceptions.
  1. Meet with and obtain approval for internship credit from Dr. Michal Osterweil, Director of Internships, or your independent study advisor. Approved students will be registered for the GLBL 193 in the semester of the internship.
  2. Once approved, submit the internship proposal for official approval by the Internship Advisor and Faculty Advisor using the Online Learning Contract Manager system. Approval for academic credit for the internship is required before beginning work, no exceptions.
  3. Provide official proof of offer from on-site supervisor by the first day of class.
  4. Submit a journal chronicling internship work by the last day of class for evaluation by the faculty supervisor. This journal must include weekly entries of 150-400 words. Failure to complete the work component of the internship or the journal will result in a failing grade.
  5. Submit the on-site supervisor’s written evaluation of your internship participation by the last day of class.
  6. Provide Dr. Osterweil with a one page summary of the internship experience and upload an entry for the experience on the Experience Explorer.