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Summer, Fall, and Academic Year study abroad applications are open! 

Applications for Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Academic Year 2020-2021 programs are now open! The application deadline for most programs is February 10. Come to a Study Abroad 101 Info Session, visit our website to learn about the application process, and start exploring program options!

Cape Town Internship Honors Study Abroad

The internship with Cape Town is a program that aims to immerse you into the living history of South Africa by directly involving you in institutions that are helping to create a democratic civil society. Get introduced to South Africa’s rich and complex history through courses and lectures that explore a dynamic society in transition, then immerse yourself in the living history of South Africa by interning with institutions that are helping create a democratic civil society. The internship allows you to gain Honors Carolina credit and experience. Take advantage of internship opportunities while studying in South Africa to get a true feel for the country and its people. Internships are available in public health, education, public policy, human rights and many other fields. The application is open to all Carolina students with a 3.0 GPA

The Centre for Jerusalem Studies (CJS) Learn Arabic in Jerusalem

The Centre for Jerusalem Studies (CJS) Learn Arabic in JerusalemProgram is offering an intensive summer program for students who have completed one year of formal instruction in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).* This program is designed to provide accelerated instruction in MSA, enabling students to build their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, while gaining mastery of increasingly complex grammatical structures.

Duke Middle East in Europe

On this six-week, two-credit program, students learn to critically analyze the political debates about Muslims and Islam in Europe and about refugees and immigrants from the Middle East. We will study the impact of Turkish inhabitants and culture in Germany in order to examine the shifting political landscape of Turkish-German identities and between Europe and the Middle East. The Arab experience in Europe will also be explored from the vantage point of North African communities as well as more recent arrivals from Syria and the Middle East.

UNC Economics in Croatia

If you are looking for a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and earn credit toward your degree, then apply to study abroad with your fellow Tar Heels in Croatia. On this program, students will take two courses at the University of Split, in Croatia. One course will be taught by a UNC faculty and the other by a University of Split faculty. Both courses will be taught in English. Students will spend 6 weeks in the beautiful city of Split and have the chance to visit a number of surrounding areas on day trips. ECON 485: This course employs intermediate micro-economic theory to explore the similarities and differences between American and European sports leagues. EUE 304: In this course you will use single variable calculus from intermediate micro- and macroeconomic theory to explore the effects of economic integration in the European context.

UNC Exploring Economies in Scandinavia

Take a UNC economics course abroad for a chance to explore and experience Stockholm’s history and culture through an economic lens. In the first three weeks of the program, participants take a UNC Economics course, ECON 390 Exploring Economies, taught by UNC professor, Dr. Kalina Staub. In the second three weeks of the program, participants take a DIS course of their choosing taught by local faculty in either Stockholm or Copenhagen.

UNC Literature and Diplomacy at King’s College London

Study abroad in the heart of London this summer. Take classes on the Kings College London campus by the River Thames and earn six credits in six weeks. In the first three weeks, students take a UNC course on Literature & Diplomacy taught by UNC Professor Ted Leinbaugh, Director of British Affairs for the Association of Marshall Scholars, co-taught with the former British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Christopher Meyer. In the second three weeks, students take a course offered by KCL faculty, with subject offerings in security studies, sciences, literature, politics, history, law, global studies, film studies, and more.

UNC Summer in Paris

UNC invites students to experience French culture and language first-hand by living and studying in Paris, France for 5 weeks during the summer. This intensive summer program will allow students to learn some French or improve their language skills and learn about French history and culture. Students will be introduced to the cityscapes and changing neighborhoods of one of the world’s iconic, and increasingly global, cities. We will explore how Paris was “put together”, how can we understand its range and depths, how artists and novelists represented its depths, and how can we become informed travelers through its many streets, boulevards, parks, museums, and everyday landscapes. FREN 390 or GEOG 428: Paris: City spaces and lives in a globalizing world. (3 UNC credits)

National University of Singapore (FASStrack Asia)

Join the hundreds of Carolina students who have studied abroad at the National University of Singapore, an elite institution that is one of UNC-Chapel Hill’s strategic partners! The FASStrack: Asia summer school program is housed in the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Students can take courses in Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Malay Studies, South Asian Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies, as well as other non-Asian studies disciplines.

Class of 1938 Fellowship

No summer plans yet? No problem! The Class of 1938 Fellowship provides about $5000 for students to complete a non-credit bearing opportunity abroad during the summer 2020. Sophomores and juniors with limited to no travel and financial need are eligible. Applicants must be U.S. citizens.

The Class of 1938 Fellowship is committed to increasing global awareness and enhancing the mutual understanding and respect between peoples of varying cultures. The opportunity can take a wide variety of forms including: internships, research, service projects, educational group travel or self-designed travel. The deadline for this award is January 13, 2020. Start your application today!


Phillips Ambassadors Program

The Phillips Ambassadors Program is one of the most generous and flexible scholarships for undergraduate study abroad at Carolina. The scholarship combines a financial award, an academic course, and a charge to students to share their unique study abroad experience with young people in their hometowns and with the Carolina community.

Phillips Ambassadors will:

  • receive a financial scholarship of $5000
  • complete a 3 credit Global Studies course with cohort (fulfills Beyond the North Atlantic gen ed)
  • successfully complete an approved study abroad program in Asia
  • participate in an individual or collective “Give Back” project