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ANTH 377 European Societies

ART 152 History of Western Art

ART 283 Picturing Paris

CMPL/EURO/FREN 332H Cultural Identities in European Cinema

CMPL/GERM 270/ JWST/RELI 239 German Culture and the Jewish Question

DRAM 286 Modern Irish Drama

DRAM 289 Contemporary Irish Drama

DTCH 405* Topics in Dutch Culture

ECON 461 European Economic Integration

ENGL 278 Contemporary Irish Writers

EURO/HIST 159 20th Century Europe

FREN 350 Advanced Oral and Written French

FREN 372 Survey of French Literature III

FREN 373 New Wave Cinema

FREN 377 Evolution of Frenchness Since World War II

FREN 398 Contemporary Identities in European Cinema

GEOG 464 Europe Today

GERM 255 Germany and the Cold War

GERM 280 20th Century German Philosophy and Modern Youth Cultures

GERM 302 Language and Culture: Immigration to Germany from 1955-Present

GERM 350 Modern German Literature

GERM 382 Violence and Terrorism in Contemporary German Literature and Film

GERM/POLI/SOCI 257 Society and Culture in Post-War Germany

HIST 259 Women in Europe Since 1750

HIST 262 History of the Holocaust

HIST 390H* Honors-only Special Topics

HIST 475 Great Britain in the 20th Century

HNRS 353 Seminar in Historical Analysis

ITAL 330 Italian Civilization I

ITAL 333 Italian Film and Culture

ITAL 335 Topics on Italian Film and Culture: Social Issues in Italy from the 1960s-Present

ITAL 343 Italian Culture Today

ITAL 398 Undergraduate Seminar in Italian

POLI 190* Special Topics

POLI 239 Introduction to European Government

POLI 433 Politics of the European Union

POLI 438 Undivided Europe

PORT 388 Portuguese, Brazilian and African Identity in Film

ROML 056 FYS: Italians in Search of Harmony

SPAN 340 Cultures of Contemporary Spain

SPAN 398* Special Topics