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Undergraduate Alumni

Sasha Seymore ’15

Sasha Seymore '15

Sasha Seymore graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015, with a double-major in Global Studies and Economics and a minor in Business Administration from the Kenan-Flagler Business School. After graduating from UNC, Sasha received a George J. Mitchell scholarship to study Conflict Transformation and Social Justice at Queen’s University Belfast, where he studied the legacy impact of post-conflict NGOs working in shared education and played for the Belfast Star Basketball Club. Sasha currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company. Read more here.

Caroline Zullo ’15

Caroline Zullo '15

A Global Studies and Political Science double major, Caroline Zullo was recently selected for the Carnegie Junior Fellows Program. She will serve as UNC’s first recipient of the one-year award and is one of only 14 students chosen from an applicant pool of almost 200. This award provides Caroline with the opportunity to work with the Carnegie Endowment in Washington, DC as a paid research assistant to the endowment’s senior associates. Read more here.

Adriana Golindano ’14

Adriana Golindano '14

Adriana Golindano graduated in 2014 with a dual degree in Global Studies and History. She was recently selected as one of the 120 Student Ambassadors to represent the US at the Milan Expo 2015. Of her time at UNC, she says “I am so grateful to UNC and the Global Studies major for shaping me into the intellectual that I am and helping me feed my wanderlust.” Read more here.

Colleen Daly ’13

Colleen Daly '13

Colleen Daly holds a double major in Global Studies and Spanish, with a minor in Social and Economic Justice. She studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain to connect with the memory of her late grandfather, who had studied there in the Archives of the Indies as part of his research as a professor of Latin American History at Duke. Read more here.

LaChaun Banks ’10

LaChaun Banks '10

In 2010, LaChaun Banks received a BA in in International Studies, now the Curriculum in Global Studies, with a concentration in global economics, trade, and development. LaChaun says that being a Global Studies major helped to prepare her for her current role as the Associate Director for NCGrowth, a university center which provides assistance to businesses and governments on economic development and entrepreneurship projects. Read more here.

Ryan Caldwell ’09

Ryan Caldwell '09

Ryan Caldwell joined the UNC Chapel Hill community as an undergraduate in 2005, earning a double-major in International Studies and French. As a freshman at Chapel Hill, Caldwell decided she wanted to live outside of the United States and work in international affairs. Caldwell remarks that at the point she did not, however, have any idea how to go about that process, what jobs were available or what skills would be need to be successful in this field. The Global Studies program at Carolina proved to be her North Star. Read more here.

Amber Featherstone ’06

Amber Featherstone '06

Amber Featherstone graduated in 2006 with a major in International Studies. At the time, this major was new and there was no formal department. When she learned of this new major, she jumped at the chance to take it. At that time, She was struggling to figure out what my true passions were, and this major allowed her to explore numerous areas to find my niche. Following graduation, she joined Participate (formerly VIF International Education), one of the largest cultural exchange programs for teachers in the U.S. She is now the Director of International Programs at Wake Forest University School of Law. Read more here.

Dave Mullaney ’05

Dave Mullaney '05

Dave Mullaney graduated from UNC with a double major in Economics and International Studies and completed a Master of International Affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Dave currently works at the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a Colorado-based research and consulting organization focused on cost-effective measures to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. At RMI, Dave has worked on studies exploring how energy use and carbon emissions can be reduced through technically mature, cost-effective measures for the Chinese economy through 2050. Read more here.

Cristina Bernardo ’05

Cristina Bernardo '05

Cristina Bernardo graduated in 2005 with a BA in Global Studies and a minor in Business Administration. Cristina says “I have learned that business can have a very large and positive impact on society and poverty reduction. I am glad that my studies at UNC have brought me to where I am today.” Read more here.

Shane Hoon ’01

Shane Hoon '01

Shane Hoon graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2001, with a double-major in Global Studies and Spanish. He felt that his time here was the spring board for launching his education understanding and professional career. Upon graduation from UNC, Shane moved to Australia to participate with a Global Summit which included work related to some of the environmental issues that were impacting that country and the South Pacific. Read more here.

Carter Marshall Mills ’86

Carter Marshall Mills '86

Marshall Mills received his Bachelor of Arts from UNC Chapel Hill in International Studies with a concentration in Economics in 1986. Mills remembers feeling that his undergraduate course selection was a little scattered until one day his advisor, Professor Florin, summed it suggesting that his thematic focus was the “global challenges facing Western society.” Supported by a Morehead scholarship, Mills traveled to East Asia, worked at the British Parliament, took Russian classes in the then Soviet Union, and studied rural development for a semester in Kenya. There “I managed not only to gain insights into rural poverty – which still help my work today – but I also feasted and danced with the Maasai! Back then, realizing some of these experiences took a lot of finagling, and I am impressed with all of the opportunities now available at the University.” Read more here.

Melani McAlister ’84

Melani McAlister '84

“When I was at UNC in the early 1980s, there was not yet a Global Studies major or anything like it. I put together my own major in ‘International Studies’ after I got the bug for learning about the Middle East during a summer internship. I’d come to UNC as a Morehead scholar (hailing from a small town in NC where few people seemed interested in the rest of the world), and in the summer of 1982 I interned at Newsweek. There, I was assigned to be a fact checker on stories dealing with the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. I was hooked.” Read more here.

Earlene Gentry ’71

Earlene Gentry '71

Earlene Gentry has lived in Egypt for almost 40 years. As a civilian, she experienced the effects of the revolution on citizen’s lives. Here, she discusses what the revolution means for her, her family and friends. Gentry enrolled as one of the first female freshmen at UNC, during a period of great social transformation. She’d declared a major of Medical Technology, but soon found the long and quiet labs inside the classroom torture. “I was discovering I am a ‘people’ person,” Gentry said of that first year, “and I needed more social interaction than labs were providing.” Read more here.

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