Students at the University of North Carolina live in an increasingly globalized society. It is crucial that they develop a fuller understanding of the variable nature of earth’s people and nations. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with its rich diversity of programs possessing a strong international focus and its strong commitment to study abroad, provides an exceptional learning environment for the study of these critical issues.

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A Fascinating Look at the Role of Authoritarianism in Electoral Politics by Dr. Jonathan Weiler

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.18.49 AMIn a HuffPost Politics blog post, “Demystifying the Trump Coalition: It’s the Authoritarianism,” Jonathan Weiler of the Curriculum in Global Studies defines a key commonality of Donald Trump’s constituency. “The basis of Trump’s support isn’t all that much of a mystery. In fact, his appeals are crafted—intentionally or not—to appeal to a bulwark of the contemporary Republican Party. That constituency is authoritarians.”

MA Students Share Research in December Poster Session

IMG_1323 Annas & Mark D

IMG_1328 Silviya & Bob

As part of the GLBL700 “Introduction to Theories and Methods in Global Studies” course taught by Professor Betsy Olson, the members of our newest cohort of MA students designed research posters describing their areas of interest and early ideas for their research projects. Students discussed their work with Global Studies joint and affiliate faculty over coffee at a December 3 poster session in Carolina Hall.

 IMG_1310 Morgan, Johnson, Olson


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