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Students at the University of North Carolina live in an increasingly globalized society. It is critical that they develop a fuller understanding of the variable nature of earth’s people and nations. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with its rich diversity of programs possessing a strong international focus and its strong commitment to study abroad, provides an exceptional learning environment for the study of these critical issues.

Read about how the Curriculum in Global Studies achieves this mission.

News & features

This semester the Curriculum in Global Studies welcomes the inaugural cohort of students in the Global Studies MA program. The two-year interdisciplinary applied research degree combines scholarly rigor with practical skills to analyze trans-regional and trans-national themes, events, and processes that affect states and societies around the world. Students in the program will choose to concentrate in one of three thematic areas: Global Economics; Global Politics, Institutions, and Societies; or Global Migration and Labor Rights. Ten students from the United States and abroad started the program this semester.

The Global Studies MA program also welcome six new students in the Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies (REEES) concentration, which is administered by the Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies (CSEEES). Building on 15 years of success as the MA in Russian and East European Studies (RUES), the REEES concentration will continue to offer a regional and language specialization. Students in the innovative REEES track will gain the opportunity to situate their training and knowledge in a larger and a more comparative framework, working side-by-side with Global Studies MA students pursuing other concentrations.  We are delighted to welcome the inaugural cohort of the REEES Concentration, and we also wish to warmly welcome back the nine students who are the final cohort of the MA in RUES.

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