Students at the University of North Carolina live in an increasingly globalized society. It is crucial that they develop a fuller understanding of the variable nature of earth’s people and nations. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with its rich diversity of programs possessing a strong international focus and its strong commitment to study abroad, provides an exceptional learning environment for the study of these critical issues.

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Faculty Books Published in 2015

The Demands of Recognition

(Stanford University Press)

pid_25409Townsend Middleton’s The Demands of Recognition offers a compelling look at the escalating politics of tribal recognition in India. At once ethnographic and historical, it chronicles how multicultural governance has motivated the people of Darjeeling to ethnologically redefine themselves—from Gorkha to tribal and back. But as these communities now know, not all forms of difference are legible in the eyes of the state. The Gorkhas’ search for recognition has only amplified these communities’ anxieties about who they are—and who they must be—if they are to attain the rights, autonomy, and belonging they desire.

Castroreale: Storia e Lingua

(Giambra Editori, in Italian)

castroreale-storia-lingua-terme-vigliatore-giambra-editori-b6d23465-2898-4af7-8c02-71a7a9837274Ennio I. Rao, convinced that languages are the building blocks of civilization, studies regional tones and colorings. From one such analysis comes this interesting study of the vocabulary, syntactic constructs, and grammatical rules of a place removed from the strong linguistic globalization over the past century enhanced by mass media.

Divorce: A Love Story

(Jill Grinberg)
51o8IVpfi5L What does happily ever after look like when your love story begins with divorce? In this one-of-a-kind joint memoir, Jonathan Weiler and Anne Menkens tell the story of how their relationship continued to evolve and how they co-parented their daughter once they decided their marriage was no longer working. With honesty and humor, Jonathan and Anne explain how they worked through the struggles that accompany a failed romance in order to be the kinds of parents, separately and together, that they knew their daughter needed. Divorce: A Love Story, combines an in-depth account of the dynamics of Jonathan and Anne’s relationship, the therapy process that led them to break up and the partnership they formed after their marriage ended. Their story shows that divorce need not prevent loving, committed parents from working together to make sure their children receive the love, support and positive family environment every child needs.

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