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Minor in Conflict Management

The study of Conflict Management is the study of human behavior during disputes, including the causes of conflict, techniques for dealing with disputes, and strategies for achieving a resolution that satisfy one’s interests and preserve relationships.  People often assume that these skills are acquired during a lifetime by simply experiencing conflict, but that is not necessarily the case.  We can spend our entire lives moving from one conflict to another- at home, at school, or at work- simply repeating the same ineffective responses without realizing opportunities for, and methods to achieve, successful outcomes.  The Minor in Conflict Management aspires to provide students with a theoretical framework, habits of mind and tangible skills, in areas such as negotiation, mediation, voice training, language, ethics, psychology, and neuroscience, among other fields.  In addition, the minor aims to provide a better understanding of the world we live in and the conflicts that surround us by studying domestic and international conflicts, both past and current.  The minor’s goal is to allow students to become better conflict managers and thus better citizens of the world.  The minor is open to all undergraduate students.


For Minor requirements, see here. For more information on the Conflict Management Initiative at UNC (CMI@UNC), click here.