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Course Requirements For Global Studies


Three total courses

  • Gateway course, GLBL 210 (GLBL 210 is required for all Global Studies majors)
  • Two other core courses, each in a different department (These courses are pre-approved by Global Studies. A list of these courses can be found on our website here.)


Seven total courses

Of the seven theme/area courses, five must be numbered 200 and above


Four courses in one of the four themes listed below

  • International politics, nation states, social movements
  • Global economics, trade, development
  • Global health and environment
  • Transnational cultures, identities, arts


Three courses in one of the area studies regions listed below

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Russia/Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe/European Union

Foreign Language Requirement

Six levels total

  • Requirements may be filled with six levels of one language or four levels of one language and two levels of another
  • The primary language, four levels, needs to be relevant to the declared area concentration.

When submitting via email a request to count specific UNC course(s) toward the major, please follow these guidelines.