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Course Requirements For Global Studies


Three total courses

  • Gateway course, GLBL 210 (GLBL 210 is required for all Global Studies majors)
  • Two other core courses, each in a different department


Seven total courses

Of the seven theme/area courses, five must be numbered 200 and above


Four courses in one of the four themes listed below

  • International politics, nation states, social movements
  • Global economics, trade, development
  • Global health and environment
  • Transnational cultures, identities, arts


Three courses in one of the area studies regions listed below

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Russia/Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe/European Union

Foreign Language Requirement

Six levels total

  • Requirements may be filled with six levels of one language or four levels of one language and two levels of another
  • The primary language, four levels, needs to be relevant to the declared area concentration.

To see all courses approved for the major, please refer to this page. Students interested in receiving GLBL major approval for courses that do not appear on the approved course list should submit a petition through our Course Credit Request System. Petitions will no longer be accepted via e-mail.