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Theses in bold received the Douglas Eyre Prize for Best Thesis.


Author Thesis Title
Katherine Angell The Everbeating Heart: Constructions of Feminity and Centrality in South Korean Dramas
Christina Boelkins Uncovering Determinants of Latino Food Insecurity Prevalence: A Case Study on Siler City, North Carolina
Cailee Harrington Effectiveness of WASH interventions against diarrheal disease: Incorporating WASH research, implementation science, and ethics for greater effectiveness
Ludmila Leveque Obstacles to Fraternite: Exploring Contemporary Jewish-Muslim Relations in France
Tessa Mannell Sexual Violence in the Russia-Ukraine War
Anyanna Mayfield-Loomis The Invisible “Other”: Understanding Experiences of Sex Workers in Japan through Carceral Theory
Megan Murphy Food Sovereignty in the Appalachian Context
Olivia Romine After the Spotlight: Rio 2016’s Post-Olympic Legacy


Author Thesis Title
Cassandra Alvarino Turks in Germany: Analyzing the Voting Behavior of Germany’s Largest Minority
Megan Beacham 8-Bit and BitChute: How the Radical Right Creates Propaganda from Video Games
Elizabeth Cummings A New “Age” of Global Climate Governance: The Role of Youth in the UNFCCC Process
Journey Dreyer Grassroots to Government: The Extraordinary Evolution of Germany’s Green Party
Alexandra Durham In the Best Interests of the Children?: An Analysis of Romanian Adoption Policy and the Situation Facing Unparented Children Today
Kamil Ewais-Orozco
Erin Lee K-Pop Beyond Borders: The Contradictions of Nationalism, Music, and Global Identity
Jaya Mishra The Power of Women’s Global Health: A Comparison of Reproductive Multipurpose Prevention Technologies
Mallory Sokolove Divided Belonging: An Analysis of Media Depictions of the Korean Diaspora in Germany
Ashley Wade Hard Choices and Centering Voices: Healthcare Access for Human Trafficking Survivors in the United Kingdom
Isabel Williams Why Can’t Hijabs Be Hygge Too? The Development of Islamophobia in Denmark Through Politics and Media


Author Thesis Title
Nazrawith Tibebu Alemayehu Promising Change: The Consolidation of Democracy in Ethiopia
Maeve Cook Expanding the Narrative of Democracy in Crisis: A Study of Brazil During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Courtney Halverson Imposed from Above: Post-Conflict Internationalized Constitutions and Local Ownership as part of State-Building
Yampiere Lugo-Acosta Immigration and Environmental Justice: A Look at the Disproportionate Effect of Air Pollution on Immigrant Communities in Spain
Svetlana Nesteruk Post-Colonial Philippines’ History: A Lens into the South China Sea Conflict and U.S. Regional Interests
Sarah Payne Turning Waste into Opportunity: The Viability of Wastewater Surveillance in Today’s COVID-19 Crisis
Cameron Ward Musical Textures of Migration: Music’s Role in the Syrian Refugee Experience in Germany
Madison Wiedeman Simulación Virtual, Barreras Lingüísticas, y Violencia Doméstica: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Efficacy of XR in the Context of Language Barriers and Domestic Violence


Author Thesis Title
Elyse Armstrong How North Carolina Nonprofit Organizations Foster Public Education Equity for Hispanic/Latinx Youth
Hannah Day “Us” Versus “Them”: Jair Bolsonaro’s Construction of a Populist Frame
Tatiana Farmer Food Therapy in Contemporary Japanese Food Films
Aisha Jitan New Becomings in the Aftermath of Destruction: The Untold Stories of Syrian Women in Zaatari Refugee Camp
Kyende Kinoti Towards A World Where Many Worlds Fit: The Black Consciousness Movement as Ontological Resistance
Logan Pratico Singapore’s Policy Advancement Paradox: Online Political Participation under Authoritarianism
Tracey Spaugh The Origins of Civil Terror: The Role of Economic Divisions and Commitment Problems in the Creation of the Syrian Civil War
Joy Stouffer The Hispanic Health Paradox, as it Relates to Cardiovascular Disease
Alli Whitenack NGOs and Land Tenure in Tanzania: Agents of Human Rights and Gendering Land Reform


Author Thesis Title
Sunny Osment Working to Heal White Supremacy: Spiritual Ontologies and Anti-Racist Activism
Amy Cohen Failed Promises: An Analysis of Post-Apartheid Land Reform
Anna DeGrauw Place Wanted Alive: Seeking Spatial Justice Amongst Dispossession and Displacement
Lydia Field The Chinese Dream: Cultivating Expansionist Chinese Nationalism in the South China Sea and the Role of Weibo


Allyson Barkley Building Walls and Breaking Laws: An Analysis of the European Union’s Failure to Address the Migrant Crisis
Morgan Pratt Safer in a Country at War? An Investigation into Why Colombia’s Displacement Crisis is a Largely Internal Phenomenon
Olivia Jackson-Jordan The Problem of Erasure: Indigenous Organizing Beyond the Zapatistas


Author Thesis Title
Beeniga, Timber G. From Sitting In to Camping Out: Student Protest, Shanties, and the Struggle Against Apartheid South Africa
Lackey, Michael D. Curating Memory in Post-Conflict Peru
Nivia, Manuela Resistance and Resilience: Grassroots Peace Activism in Colombia
Strang, Alexis V. More than a Pretty Face: How Turkish Women’s Magazines Function as Social Spaces


Author Thesis Title
Gooding, J. Thomas A Path to Peace or Oppression? The Anti-Normalization Movement in Palestine and Israel
Halvorson, Jessye Lemley A Case Study of Global Brigades
Khan, Sara Ali White School Uniforms and Development Theory: How Menstrual Hygiene Management Became an International Issue for Female Education
Zakin, Zoe Alyssa Disability Rights as Social Movement in Argentina


Author Thesis Title
Allyn, Danielle N. The Promise of Peace: UNSC Resolution 2098 and Its Implications for Congolese Citizens
McCoy, Dinesh Keith ‘Inclusive Development’: The Secular Framing Efforts of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Role of Neoliberal Rhetoric
Quran, Layla Palestinian Artists and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement
Seymore, Aleksander H. The Rise of Global Sports NGOs
Zikry, Fareeda M.
Ultras in Egypt: The Power of Organized Soccer Fans and Their Political Influence on the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and Post-Revolution Era


Author Thesis Title
Bur, Griffin Amidst the Wonders We Have Made? On Some Reworkings of Marx’s Labor Theory of Value in the 20th Century and Their Political Implications
Hart, Abby The Radicalization of Homegrown Terrorists. A Case Study: The Boyd Family in North Carolina
Miller, Lindsay A Lebanese Soul: Identity Construction in the Lebanese-Argentine Diaspora Community
Mind at War: The Social and Cultural Dimensions of Mental Health in (Post) Conflict Lebanon
Steyl, Matt Cybersecurity and Rising China: Analysis of Policy Proposals
Stramm, Sophie The Implementation of Common European Asylum Policy in Spain: A Lesson in Intergovernmental Politics
Tobin, Jessica ‘We Are Not Afraid’: An analysis of the Internet’s effect in challenging the regime in Russia, 2011–2014
Whitfield, Emily Caring for Pachamama: Recommendations for Engaging with Agricultural Development


Author Thesis Title
Dayal, Mitali Unraveling the Web of Maternal Mortality: Addressing the interaction of Structural Violence and Maternal Mortality in Modern India
Hennings, Mattis The Migration and Development Nexus: A Case Study of Jordan since the 1950s
Jost-Creegan, Kelsey Constructing Migrants’ Rights: Shifting Paradigms and Human Rights Innovations in Argentine Migration and Refugee Legislation
Mussack, Mariel Literary Perspectives of Ethnic Identity in Contemporary Guatemala
Neal, Leah Minorities, Mobilization, and Marginalization: Non-Majority Actors and the 2011 Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions
Phillips, Chelsea Evaluating Factors for Nonprofit Water Project Sustainability in Delhi, India: A look at the decision-making process for water project design and selecting water systems for providing access to clean, safe water
Rosenfeld, Lindsay
A Body in Remembrance: DHIKR in Moroccan Sufism
Singleton, Shaniqua The Hour of the Regions: An Analysis of the State of Governance in the European Union
Triche, Ryan Treating the Symptoms of Commitment Issues: Analyzing institutions as a prescription – A Case Study of Kenya
Wilen, Cora The 95%: Why Women Embrace Diets that Don’t Work
Willis, Elizabeth Shell in Ogoniland and Chevron/Texaco in the Oriente: A comparative analysis of human rights and corporate social responsibility

All theses prior to 2013 are located in the North Carolina Collection at Wilson Library. Please click here to search for a thesis.

Theses are available for reading Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Theses may not be removed from the premises and are in-library use only. Please be respectful and keep theses in numerical order.

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Author Thesis Title
Archer, Eva Evaluating Agricultural Productivity Development Projects in Rural Cambodia
Beasley, Spencer The History of the Holocaust in Film and Fiction
Conklin, Amanda Makings of a Modern ‘Model Minority’- Ethnic Koreans in Northeast China
Ding, James Watts, Water, Wireless- The benefits and deficiencies of “tech waves” in rural India
Kibort-Crocker, Hannah Living with a Disability in Mae Wan- an In-Depth Examination of Disabilities in Rural Northern Thailand
Mahin, Maya Identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses of South Africa’s Social Assistance Programs
Merrill, Jessica Implications of Concentrated Media Ownership: A Study of the Chilean Case
Nagaraj, Siddarth Primary Health Care in Urban India: Selection and Satisfaction
Roozen, McKay Tibetan Women of the Tibetan Women’s NGO at the Nexus of Social Change
Rosado, Benjamin Examining Structural Violence in Guatemala through Conceptions of Depressive Symptoms
Stephenson, Elise Eating Behavior is Children’s Programming- Investigating a potential contributor to childhood obesity
Teague, Brittany El Embarazo After Emigration- Identity Reconceptualization during Pregnancy and Early Motherhood among Middle-Class Latina Immigrants in North Carolina
Archer, Claire Identity and linguistic Policy in Catalan Context: The Linguistic Choices of Latin American Immigrants
Williams, Caitlin
A Revolution Makes Possible the Revolution- The Impact of Zapatismo on Indigenous Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Services in Chiapas, Mexico


Author Thesis Title
Ali, Hanna T. Health in Sudan: Where Do we Go from Here? A Comprehensive Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Current Health Situation in One of Africa’s Most Diverse Countries
Corbin, Bethany A Bleeding Sin: An Examination of Honor Killings in Turkey and Germany
Deschamps-Laporte, Laurence Sex, Fertility and the Marabouts: Cultural Conceptions of Family Planning in Mali
Fondren, Kristina Empowering Women in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS: Policy Comparisons for a Global Microbicide Rollout
Locke, Katharine Presence of the Past: Byzantine and Ottoman Architecture and Its Effects on the Collective Memory in Modern-Day Turkey
Stottlemyer, Patricia Enough! The Evolution of Activism in Egypt: The Egyptian Movement for Change, or Kefaya
Willis, Emily Institutions and Governance in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Wood, Mary Caroline
Mexican Migration and Local Development: The Case of El Pistacho


Author Thesis Title
De Lancie, Olivia
Health at the End of the Road: An Examination of the Health Consequences of Road Construction in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Desai, Priya The Media Portrayal of Trafficking and the Increase of the Human Trade in China
Lascurain Garcia, Maria Celeste Venezuela: The Status of a Country in 1998
Monroy, S. C. Anais What Affects German Public Attitudes toward Immigrants
Newman, Laura Leigh Balancing Authenticity and Modernity in Globalization: Cultural Tourism in Otavalo and Atuntaqui, Ecuador
Ross, Courtney Female Sterilization in Brazil: The Roles of Coercion and Exclusion
Savtchenko, Alex Contemporary Russian Strategic Objectives in Foreign Policy
Stancioff, Charlotte Eloise The Cultivation of Health: National Rhetoric, Health Care Programs and Land
Tuch, Joshua An Analysis of the Participation and Performance of Islamist Political Parties in National Parliamentary Elections


Author Thesis Title
Abdullah, Hasan The Coming Green Revolution: The Need for a More Sustainable United States
Al-Zoubi, Maryam Finding Islamic Feminism in Syria: A Comparison of the Abu Noor and Qubaysiyat Women’s Revivalist Groups
Barretto, Aja The Struggle for Land, the Demand to Survive: the Rama-Kriol community’s pursuit for territorial ownership in Nicaragua’s Autonomous Region
Blackburn, Natalie Alice The Politics of Promoting Abstinence: The Effect of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief on Nongovernmental Organizations
Cuff, Alexandria Spanish National Identity: Representations of the Latin American and African “Other” in Spanish Films in the 1990s
Escobar, Rachel
Moving Sustainability out of the Workplace? The Case of San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L., Mexico
Highfill, Hannah Louisa Beyond the Mosque: Religious Practice, Gender, and Space in a Sufi Group in Istanbul
Hinderliter, Sandra The Impacts of the Deportation Policies 287(g) and Secure Communities on Immigrant Families: An Investigation into the Lives of Hispanic Immigrants in North Carolina
Holmes, Lauren Common European Foreign Policy? An Examination of the EU’s Response to Conflict in Kosovo
Khan, Manal Of Obama, Osama and Muslims: The 2008 Presidential Election and the Framing of the Issue of Islam/Muslims
Mohamed, Ola Campus and Country: Universities and American Perceptions of Islam and Muslims Post 9/11
Plaks, Mallory Lost in Translation: The Struggle for Supranational and Local Actors to Protect Victims of Sex Trafficking through International Protocols and State Legislation
Rakower, Lauren An Occupied Territory Without an Occupier: Occupation of Gaza Ends and Spoilers Begin: Reconciling Multilateralism, Responsibility and Control to Fill the Void
Romano, Alicia M. Italian Christian Democrats: Power through Coalition
Stelling, Amy C. Tutti a La Tavola: Food, Family, and Identity in Contemporary Italy
Yorke, Aaron Continuity and Change in France: the European Project’s Influence on Identities


Author Thesis Title
Bordeaux-Preston, Stephanie The Impact of Microcredit Loan Terms on Guatemalan Business Performance
Carlson, Elizabeth
Managing Society: The Politics of Social Provision in Kazakhstan’s Oil Industry
Chilukuri, Vivek The Global Generation: American Youth Connected and Committed to the World
Cordell, Faith Language Policy and the Politics of Development: A Study of Ghana and Senegal
Fickes, Dara Analysis of the Cultural Transformation of the Griot
Grossblatt, Sarah Pious, Feminist & Islamist: A Study of Young Women in Jordan
Hall, Marissa The Limits and Potential of Alternative Development as a Supply Reduction Strategy in the Andes
Han, Chao China’s Development in the Past Thirty Years and the Need for a New Developmental Model in China
Large, Kaitlyn Why Counterinsurgencies Fail: The Patterns of Behavior that Block Governmental Learning
McGarry, Claire Beyond Traditional Economic Value: An Ethnographic Study of Value Change Among Female Artisans in Itaugua, Paraguay
McGuire, Cooper Dispelling the Myth of Financial Enlightenment: Wall Street isn’t Growning Down, Microfinance is Growing Up
Peavey, Seth The Economic and Humanitarian Impact of Chinese Oil Investment in Sudan
Remington, Bethany Football and Competing Spanish Nationalisms
Riehl, Emily Nueva Cancion in Exile
Scott, Valerie The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Rural Livelihoods in Lilunga, Swaziland
Shepard, Daniel Microfinance and the Conceptualization of Women’s Empowerment in the Puna
Sikder, Shegufta Localizing the Millenium Development Goals: Community-Based Human Development in Bangladesh
Sloop, Evan Approaching Sustainability: the Socioeconomic and Political Drivers of Environmental Degradation in Ecuador and Costa Rica
Stanley, Ellen The Platt Amendment and “The Bush Plan”: Questioning U.S. Intervention in Cuba
Thompson, Katherine Preventing Relapses into Ethnic Conflict through Political Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Societies
Valiunas, Mantas The Shifting Reasons for Naturalization in an Increasingly Globalized Society
Westervelt, Lauren Interpreting Progress in Human Development within the Framework of the Millennium Development Goals: A Cuban Case Study of Education and Health
Yang, Kapa Reasons and Motivations for the Migration of the Hmong to North Carolina


Author Thesis Title
Aldersey, Heather Reconciliation or Victors’ Justice?: A Study of Reconciliation Experiences in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Cook, Laura The Spirit of the Law: An Ethical Analysis of British Asylum Policy
Diamond, Morgan In the Unity of the Holy Spirit: An Exploration of African American Reactions to Immigration at St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Dietrich, Cheryl Malaria and the Integration of Traditional Medicine Treatment Seeking Behaviors in Africa and the Global Health Discourse
Donnalley, Cortney Female Identity and Gendered Spaces in Contemporary Franco-Maghrebi Films
Hachey, Michael Tosha! Worker Organizing Against Sweatshop Development in Kenya, 2003–2006
Hudson, Jane
Confronting an Anomaly: A History of the Perception and Modernization of Landfill Scavenging in Fortaleza, Brazil
Lapar, Adrianne Slovakia’s “Roma Problem”: A Study of the EU’s Requirements for Minority Rights Protections
Murph, Ashley Where Did All the Voters Go? Factors Affecting Voter Participation in the 2004 European Parliament Election
Murphy, Kevin Taming the Tico Tiger: Why have foreign owned medical device makers in Costa Rica developed supply relationships with domestically owned enterprises while foreign owned electronics makers have not?
Pan, Eileen Evaluation of Tanzanian Microfinance: Structure, Limitations and Women
Patel, Aneri May the Wind Be Ever at Your Back and the Sun Shine Upon Your Face: Renewable Energy Development in Rural India
Peck, Caroline Female Political Bodies and Body Politics: Muslim Women’s Participation in the Development of the Palestinian Nationalist Islamist Movement
Sellers, Amanda Behind the Façade of Fear: A Look at How the Front National’s Manipulation of Republican Values Has Caused a Rise in Xenophobia in French Society and Policy Regarding Immigration
Steelman, Taylor The Darfur Peace Agreement: Challenges to Peace in Darfur, Sudan
Thomson, Sarah Lindsay Competing Claims for the Development Agenda: An Analysis of the Rise and Decline of the Environmental Justice Networking Forum, South Africa
Tye, Jesslyn Blake Betweeen Figured Worlds: A Catholic Congregational Study of Religious Ritual and Sacred Space in St. Thomas More Church, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Zhurakovskaya, Larissa The Effects of Liberalization on Apparel Trade between the Baltic States and the European Union


Author Thesis Title
Brosseau, Carli Waging Peace: the Case of the Greater Horn of Africa Initiative
Cox, Brian The Crises of Transition: An Examination of the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Health in the Context of Post-Soviet Russia
Craig, Stacey Peasant Associations in Mali: The Mobilization of Local Forces to Confront Globalization
Crandell, Adam Major League Baseball and the Search for Labor in the Dominican Republic: A Study in U.S. Hegemony and the Multinational Enterprise System
Dombalis, Helen When Actions Speak Louder Than Words: How the Human Rights Institutions of Nairobi’s Kibera Slum Have Failed the People
Ghiloni, Lauren The Changes in Identity through Experiences of Study Abroad: The Importance of Study Abroad in a Modernizing World
Gillespie, Abigail The Revitalization of the Social Science Disciplines in Chilean Higher Education within the Context of Privatization
Goodman, Olivia On the Fringe: Language Policy, Marginalization and Minority Education in China
Holder, Vanessa Power of the People? The Impact of Municipal Elections on Democratization
Laabs, Mark Joseph Catalyzing Community Development through Youth Empowerment: Applying New Theories to the Case Study of Kaikohe, New Zealand
Lee, Tessa Margaret Patria O Muerte? A History of Race and Nationalism in Cuba
Linzy, Adjoa The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Shaping U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Africa: A Case Study of the Response to the Darfur Crises 2003-2005, Sudan
McNamara, Kate The Effectiveness of Quotas at Increasing Women’s Representation and Participation in African Parliaments
Mills, Emily The Limits of International Organizations in the Former Yugoslavia and Kosovo
Morris, Jeanne It’s Not Visas! An Analysis of the Factors Impacting International Student Enrollment in Higher Education
Mullins, Jennifer Onchocerciasis and International Health Policy: Upholding Ideals of Holistic Health with One Disease in West Africa and Chiapas, Mexico
Raja, Sonal An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the State Response to the Gujarat Genocide Written in the Context of the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court: Is the ICC a More Effective Court than the National Courts of the State of Gujarat, India?
Ramjee, Shaniel A Chinese Stock Market Revolution: Harnessing Household Savings to Drive Domestic Capital Formation through Stock Market Reform
Scharling, Erin
Piracy and Maritime Terrorism: A Survey of the Post-September 11 International Maritime Security Regime
Verdier, Mathilde A Study of Conflicting Data on Sex Trafficking of Women and Children, Using Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Case Study
Warner, Jason Scott The Six Roadblocks to the Provision of Universal Primary Education: An Investigation of Senegal’s Progress Towards the Achievement of Millennium Development Goal Number Two


Author Thesis Title
Anderson, Amon Equity and Education in Chile and Cuba: A Comparative Analysis of Education Policy and Performance
Bell, Caitlin Urban Mobility Planning in Bologna, Italy
Bobbe, Sarah The Emergence of an International Regime to Transform the Unsustainable Marine Ornamental Fish Trade
Gamache, Katie Dual Language Education: Bridging the Language and Achievement Gap among American Youth
Henegar, Cassidy Ghana and Schistosomiasis: an Exploration of the Link between the Effectiveness of Public Health Programs and Culture
Iravani, Heide Motaghi The World Bank’s Role in Developing Water and Sanitation in the Palestinian Territories
Jones, Kristal Conflict in Caucasus: Effects of Soviet Borders and Possible Uses of Federalism to Resolve Issues in Abkhazia and Karabakh
Kinner, Robert Luke Rethinking Collateral Damage: Environmental and Human Health Consequences of Depleted Uranium Munitions and Conventional Weapons used during Operation Allied Force
Knutson, Sarah The Moral and Legal Issues of the United Nations’ Humanitarian Intervention in Somalia 1992-1995
McKellogg, Sara Immigration, Identity and Intolerance: North African Immigrants in Modern Spain
Mihaylova, Milena The Effects of Neo-Liberal Reforms on the Roma in Bulgaria
Orr, Jennifer With a Cuy and a Stethoscope: New Initiatives in Culturally-Appropriate Health Care for the Amerindian Populations of Ecuador
Paler, Brian The Pro-European Transition of Turkey’s Islamic Political Movement
Rajagopalan, Kavita Colonial Constructions of Borders: The Legacy of the Border Between India and Pakistan
Rankin, Johanna A New Frontier of Humanitarianism?Médecins Sans Frontières Responds to Neglected Diseases
Shaw, Robert They Don’t Need Books: Mexican Immigrants’ Access to Education
Tifft, Daniel The Political Economy of Trade Adjustment Assistance: An Examination of the Influence of Sectoral Interests on Legislative Preference for the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program
Voyles, Virginia Stories of Hope for the Suffering: Missionary Medicine and Its Role in the HIV/AIDS Crisis in Shyira, Rwanda
Young, Claire
Tawfiq al-Hakim and the Third Language: A Socio-Political Perspective


Author Thesis Title
Almairac, Laure From Hostility to Cooperation: A Retrospective of the Exceptional Polish-German Relationship
Berry, James Warren Government and Society: An Analysis of the Various Forms of Democracy
Chen, Monica Migrant Workers and Workers’ Rights Violations in China: The Situation in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing
Christie, Amanda McLaren Political Corruption in Post-Independence Uganda and the Effects on Economic Development
Davis, Jessica Micro-lending in Europe and the European Microfinance Network: Current Situation and Possibilities of Success
Dowdy, Jessica Welfare Reform and Immigrant Well-Being
Flakes, Gina Washington and Seoul, Managing Relations with the DPRK in a Post Cold War World: A Case Study of the 1994 Agreed Framework
Flowe, Meredith Confronting Sex Slavery: Non-profit Advocacy in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the United States
Folliard, Daniel
The Political and Economic Dynamics Behind Russian Arms Sales: The Case of Advanced Weapons Sales to Iran
Gbade-Alabi, Oyinkansade Adedayo SAP and the Nigerian Economy, 1986-1992: An Insight to Future Policies and Reforms
Ilias, Shayerah Financial Product Innovation and Market Competition in Bangladesh’s Microfinance Sector
Patel, Mumukshu The Post-Conflict Democratization Dilemma: Using the United States’ Democracy-building Efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo as Case-studies to Evaluate Liberal Democracies’ Post-conflict Democratization Dilemma
Smith, Ian China’s Energy Policy: A Historical and Institutional Analysis
Sunstrum, Pamela Phatsimo Culture Speaks Through Art: Preserving the Congo Tradition through Community-based Art Projects in Portobelo, Panama
Wingo, Ellen Moroccan and Ecuadorian Migration to Spain: The role of cultural bias in immigration and immigrant policy and in the differential treatment of immigrant groups


Author Thesis Title
Cottin, Alexandre The Rise of the Extreme Right in Western Europe: A Case Study of the Post War Extreme Right Movement in France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Great Britain
Coward, Natalie The State, the Economy and the Education System in South Africa: Resolving the Past
Dalton, John East Germany: Another Mezzogiorno?
DeJong, Neal Political Reform and Democratic Development in Mexico
Dharmadhikari, Vaishali Education in India: A Study of the Role of Government, Community Organizations, and Citizens
Dunn, Lisa Education for All? An Assessment of the Academic Achievement Gap and Mexican Immigrant Students
Hastings, Jesse Tourism and Development in Paradise: A Comparison of the Tourist Industry in Two Caribbean Case Studies
Lake, Britt Ashley African Migration and Xenophobia in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Lynch, Michele The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Redefining Refugee Protection in a Changing World
Mason, Meredith The Impact of the Goal of European Union Accession on the Solidarity of Croatia’s Governing Coalition: Adhesive or Corrosive?
McCall, Charles A Game-theoretic Model of Non-cooperative Climate Change Coalitions: The Potential for a USA-China Coalition Outside the Kyoto Protocol
Norris, Kristopher An Unwelcome Gospel? American Christian Missions to the Muslim Middle East
Ong, Ryan A Lesson for Beijing: The Political and Infrastructural Ramifications of Hosting the Summer Olympic Games for Third World Countries
Pfeifer, Melanie The Importance of the Relationship Between the United States and Soviet Union During German Unification: A Focus on Political Memoirs
Shackelford, Jordan Forest Management in Thailand: Legacies of the Past and Community Forestry Solutions for the Future
Zarella, Narja I Am Cuban, I Cannot Be Different: An Exploration of Cuban National Sounds


Author Thesis Title
Andrews, Katherine Japanese Society during World War II: Attitudes Towards the War—Levels of Resistance and Compliance
Brown, D. Levin Danwei: The History, Structure and Lived Experience of the Socialist Chinese Work Unit
Dube, Karine
Socio-Cultural Factors and Heterosexualities in Prevention of HIV-1 on the Western Shores of Lake Victoria, Southern Uganda and Northwestern Tanzania
Duquette, Lauren The Political Economy of Inflation in Latin America
Hester, Tim Health and Healthcare in Northeastern Brazil
Hoffman, Michael Andrew The United States, the European Union, and the Kyoto Protocol: A Case Study in the Changing Dynamics of International Leadership
Keeton, Sara Are You My Mommy? International Adoptees Search for Cultural Roots
Morgan, E. Michelle Peace Media and the Impact of Studio Ijambo on Burundi’s Ethnic Conflict
Motley, Sarah Anne Unacknowledged Voices: Exploring the Relationship between Domestic Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy During the Bosnian Conflict, 1992–1995
Newton, Ryan Charming our Migrants in Fortress Europe: Understanding the Changing Role of Migration in Morocco’s Economic and Development Strategy
Nguyen, Tin T.
The Dust of Life: The Journey to Understand the Identity of Vietnamese Street Children and Society’s Ambivalent Atittude Towards Them
Thornton, Katherine Language Reform in Twentieth Century China
Tompkins, Andrew Deconstructing Jose Bove: Food, National Identity, and Globalization in France
Waites, Natalie The Action Francaise and the Front National: Constructing the Identity of the French Extreme Right in the Twentieth Century


Author Thesis Title
Bolton, Laura Music Therapy as Humanitarian Aid: A Study of Music and Children of War—in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Carey, Ramona Foreign Aid to Post-Communist Societies: A Comparison of the Standard Aid Model and the Soros Approach
D’Amore, Chiara Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy: Global Influences and Latin American Realities
Downs, Marissa Trial by Fire: The OSCE in Post-Dayton Bosnia
Duvall, Edward
Beijingers Dotcom: The Internet and the Public Sphere in China
Irvin, Christy Press Liberation and International Intervention: Lessons Learned on Bosnia
Kissling, Elizabeth El Camino de Santiago in an Evolving Twentieth Century Spain
Krzywosz, Keiko The Ko-Gal Phenomenon: Girls’ Fashion and Resistance in Contemporary Japan
Liu, Belinda Breaking Down the Melting Pot Hegemony: Deconstructing the American Identity within the Context of Immigration
McKay, Sarah Comprehending China: A Discourse on International Human Rights in the People’s Republic of China
Monken, Virginia Ann The Rise of La Politica Mexicana: Motivated by Strategic Feminism or Practical Need
Richter, Reynolds The African Growth and Opportunity Act of 2000: A New Scramble for Africa
Shah, Namita Prospects for Democracy: A Study of Venezuela and Argentina Under the Leadership of President Hugo Chavez and Carlos Menem
Shubash, John Dispute Resolution and Regional Organizations: Dispute Resolution in Mercosur and in the European Union
Spence, Devyn Siempre Coca-Cola: The Impact of Globalization on Guatemalan Indigenous Communities
Stovel, Shana A Historical Overview of Cuban Public Health and the Cuban Health Care System: The Effects of the US Embargo and Collapse of the Soviet Union
Worley, Laura In the Pursuit of Grandeur: French Leadership of the European Security and Defense


Author Thesis Title
Betowt, Jennifer Our Fighting Alliance: The ANC, the SACP, and the Struggle to Create a Human Rights Culture in the New South Africa
Brezina, Valerie Comparative Economic Development: A Study of the Factors that Precipitated or Hampered Economic Growth in South Korea and Argentina in the Postwar World
Cooper, Ann Tueur Mais Travailleur: Theory and Reality of State Violence in Burkina Faso
Hackney, Tara Sanders The Invisible Giant: The Christian Food System
Kallam, Jerri Anne Office Lady Resistance: A Double Edged Sword
Kent, Stacie Western Images of China from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
McElwain, Audrey Sex Tourism and Orientalism: Analyzing the Western Gaze in Bangkok, Thailand
Parikh, Sapana Applying the Neocolonial Dependence Model to HIV/AIDS Prevention/Education: Urban Youth in New Delhi, India
Slayton, Thomas Theater Missile Defense and the East Asian Security Dilemma
Smith, Jessica Division in Cameroon and its Impact on the State
Tuite, Anna Environmentalism as a Social Movement: Undertaking Issue Framing, Political Opportunities and Alliance Building
Tycin Wood, Anna Power and Oppression, Power and Emancipation: A Study of Women’s Empowerment in the Third World


Author Thesis Title
Adler, Caren
The Nature and Policies of Unemployment in France: An Analysis of the Reduced Workweek
Carter, William French Vietnam and British Malaya: Communism, Counter-Insurgency, and Decolonization
Clark, Galahad Glorious Confucious
Favere, Amelia Standing on the Threshold: Changing Images of Women from the Mao to the Deng Era
Green, Daniel Propaganda Version 4.0: The Internet and its Potentials for Propaganda
Harwood, Jennifer Second-Generation Indian Immigrants in America
Karan, Meral Contesting National Identity in Independent Azerbaijan: Pan-Soviet, Pan-Azeri, and Pan-Turkic Movements
Lynch, Jamie Disparities in Secondary Educational Experiences:A Case Study of White and Black Children During Post-apartheid
Patterson, Amy Aboriginality in the Mabo Era: Towards a New Australian National Identity
Rockford, David Walking in Cuba
Shey, Amy The Hermeneutic Tradition of Social Activism: Case Study Czechoslovakia 1945–1989
Spaugh, Susan Sugar and Economic Development: The Growth Strategies of Revolutionary Cuba
Tseng, Christina Journey into Asian American Identity
Wright Meyer III, G. New American Alloys and the Old Melting Pot: A Discussion of Colonial and Contemporary Acculturation and Assimilation


Author Thesis Title
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Author Thesis Title
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Author Thesis Title
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Author Thesis Title
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