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Africa is witnessing a period of reversal in democracy. The global COVID-19 pandemic compounded complexities faced by African countries in resolving the competition for political power through credible, peaceful elections. While elections have become a regular feature on the continent, crisis of confidence arising from controversial or contested election outcomes, as witnessed recently in Nigeria, continues to undermine citizens’ trust and confidence in the integrity of elections and the democratic process.

Flyer for African Studies Center Fall Democracy Talk series

In countries such as Uganda and Zimbabwe, incumbents have imposed restrictive laws against the media and civil society to strengthen their grip on power. There has been an unconstitutional change of government by the military in Mali and Guinea, while the military continues to stifle the transition to civilian rule in Sudan. Recently, Senegal is faced with violent protests following the conviction of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, with the prospect of President Macky Sall’s bid for a third term in the election next year. All these underscore the importance for the academic community and development community to engage in a critical review of elections in Africa to enhance democratic resilience on the continent.

To address these issues, the African Studies Center Fall Democracy Talk series will provide a platform for critical discussions and analysis of democracy in Africa. The series will specifically examine recent national elections in Nigeria (March 2023), Sierra Leone (June 2023), and future elections in Zimbabwe (October 2023) and Senegal (February 2024) and their outcomes.

Join for a three-part ZOOM series as follows:

    1. The Democratic Resilience

      Thursday, Sept 7, 12 – 1:30 pm EDT
      Confirmed Panelists: Dr. Chris Fomunyoh, Dr. Eric Mvukiyehe

    2. The Election Process

      Thursday, Sept 14, 12 – 1:30 pm EDT
      Confirmed Panelists: Bodurin Adebo, (TBC)

    3. The Civic Engagement

      Thursday, Sept 21, 12 – 1:30 pm EDT
      Confirmed Panelists: (TBC)

Registration is required. Register here.