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The Global Gazette is celebrating its 3rd issue! Take the time to check out the captivating, incendiary, and humorous insights from the most recent group of submitters, spanning topics as diverse as Central European “uncanniness,” the invisibilization of marginalized bodies, the power of intentionality—and positionality— in research and activism, optimism in refugee camps, the experience of the mystical, and what we really mean when we talk about “drinking the Kool-Aid.”

Founded in January 2022 by a small group of graduate students from the Curriculum in Global Studies, The Global Gazette is a multimedia platform for student academic and creative expression. The journal describes itself as, among other things, interdisciplinary and anticolonial, and seeks to uplift diverse ways of knowing and creating in its understanding of “the global.” The resulting publications have therefore been of diverse mediums and themes, with submissions spanning videography, photography, visual arts, poetry, research essays, prose, short stories, op-eds, and personal reflections. Submissions have come from undergraduate and graduate students alike, in a variety of disciplines, including Global Studies, Psychology, English, Geography, History, Public Policy, Business Administration, and Political Science.

This year, in addition to the journal’s evergreen theme of “the global,” the issue-specific theme was “Negotiating Positionality.” The journal invited submitters to reflect on their own process of growth as they navigate the personal tensions that emerge when reconciling changing values, beliefs, and worldviews alongside what so often feels to be a rapidly changing world.

Screenshot of the latest Global Gazette release page 

The Global Gazette is also announcing the appointment of new executive leadership of the journal, starting in Fall 2023: Current Staff Editors Jordyn Cooper and Natalia Galindo will replace Co-Presidents and the last of the journal’s founding members, Eleni Econopouly and Scarlett Hawkins, who will be departing from the journal after two years of studying together, leading the journal, and ultimately graduating from the Global Studies MA program. 

The most recent issue can be viewed here. Emails, comments and questions are welcomed, and can be directed to


Eleni Econopouly,

Co-president, The Global Gazette

June 16th, 2023