Fall 2018 Other Courses of Interest for Global Studies MA Students*

*Course listing is merely a selection of those courses previously taken by Global Studies MA students or otherwise shared with our program as they may suit the interests of our MA students. This list is not meant to be exhaustive or otherwise imply these are the only acceptable elective courses.

GEOG 428: Global Cities: Space, Power, and Identity in the Built Environment

Tuesday- Thursday, 12:30-1:45pm

Carolina Hall 204
Instructor: Dr. Nina Martin

This course addresses questions of power, politics, and identity in the urban environment, with a focus on the emergence of key selected global cities and the processes that both created them historically and which are currently transforming them locally and globally.

GEOG 458:Urban Latin America: Politics, Economy, and Society

Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 2:30-3:20pm
Genome Sciences 1370
Instructor: Dr. Altha Cravey 

Prerequisite, GEOG 259; permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisite. This course examines urban social issues in contemporary Latin America. Cities and their residents will be considered in relation to each other and to North American examples.

GEOG 464: Europe Today- Transnationalism, Globalisms, and the Geographies of Pan-Europe

Tuesday-Thursday, 11:00am-12:15pm
Carolina Hall 220
Instructor: Dr. John Pickles

A survey by topic and country of Europe west of Russia. Those features that make Europe a distinct and important region today are emphasized.

POLI 431: African Politics and Societies

Tuesday-Thursday, 12:30-1:45pm
Murray Hall, G205
Instructor: Dr. Andrew Reynolds

The problems of race, class, and ideology are explored in the countries south of the Zambezi River, along with the political and economic ties that bind these countries.

POLI 469: Conflict and Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia

Tuesday-Thursday, 3:30-4:45pm
Graham Memorial 35
Instructor: Dr. Robert Jenkins

Focuses on ethnic and political conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and efforts by the international community to end conflict and promote peace and reconstruction.

POLI 736: Political Transitions and Democratization in Comparative Perspective

Tuesdays, 12:30-3:20pm
Murphey 221
Instructor: Dr. Milada Vachudova 

Examination of contrasting theoretical approaches to understanding democracy. Comparative study of Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America elucidates challenges and opportunities that affect possibilities for democratization and consolidation.


SOCI 411: Social Movements and Collective Behavior

Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 10:10-11:00am
Manning 307
Instructor: Junghoon Park

Study of nonroutine collective actions such as demonstrations, strikes, riots, social movements, and revolutions, with an emphasis on recent and contemporary movements.

SOCI 416: Comparative Perspectives on Contemporary International Migration and Social Membership

Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 12:20- 1:10pm
Peabody 311
Instructor: Alyssa Peavey 

This course provides a special focus on international migration and social membership/citizenship across a number of advanced industrial immigrant-receiving states.