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Curriculum in Global Studies

2021 MA Student Summer Awards

The Curriculum in Global Studies is pleased to announce a call for proposals for summer experience awards.  Award recipients are expected to be engaged in a research, academic, or professional opportunity that directly corresponds to their chosen concentration and has direct relevance to their thesis/capstone project. The award must be used in the summer for which it is awarded and cannot be rolled over to another semester or year. Typically awards are between $500-$1,500. Requests for additional support will be considered based on the availability of funds and on the merit of the proposal.

Given the particular circumstances of summer 2021 and the ongoing pandemic, students with  travel outside of North Carolina as a part of their application are required to follow these instructions to complete and gain a travel exception through the Rapid Admin Service Request (RASR) system.   No funding will be afforded to students without approval through this system.

For projects involving travel within the continental United States, we anticipate the majority of those requests to be approved based on current guidance.  For projects involving international travel, we anticipate the majority of those requests to be denied based on current guidance.


To be eligible for an award, students must:

  • Be registered first-year MA students in the Curriculum in Global Studies
  • Be in good academic standing with The Graduate School
  • Be able to convincingly demonstrate the benefit of the proposed experience for the concentration and thesis/capstone project
  • Receive an exception through RASR if your application involves any out-of-state or international travel

Related Outputs

In the fall semester following the receipt of the award, the successful applicant will:

  • write a 1–2 page summary of the summer activity, explaining how the experience has advanced degree and career goals. The report is due on or before August 25, 2021, at 5pm. Please send the report to Dr. Erica Johnson (, Director of Graduate Studies) & Zach Ward (, Student Services Manager).
  • give a short presentation about the field experience for a Global Studies audience at a session to be scheduled early in the semester.

We expect these outputs will be used to highlight MA students’ experiences in the Global Studies newsletter, on the Global Studies web site, and among the broader campus community.


Application Process

Applicants will submit a statement of purpose (approximately 500 words; double-spaced) explaining the academic and/or professional intentions for the summer term. The statement should set out a clearly delineated program of study and/or work experience, explaining its value conceptually, thematically, and/or methodologically to the applicant’s overall academic, research, and professional goals.

In addition to the statement of purpose, please submit a projected budget for the experience and the use of the Global Studies funds. The statement of purpose does not need to justify your proposal with regard to your financial circumstances. Grants will be awarded solely on the basis of the intellectual merits of the proposed field experience.

Applications will be open through Friday, April 30th.