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degrauwAnna DeGrauw ’19 is double majoring in public policy and global studies, concentrating on international politics and western Europe/the European Union. DeGrauw worked with the Empowerment and Operations teams of the Akola Project. This project provides skill services for full-time employees in the village of Jinja, part-time paper bead rollers in five neighboring villages, and practical skill curriculums. Read more>>

ritterJulianna de Souza Ritter ’17 is double majoring in Geography and Global Studies, concentrating on international politics and African Studies. Ritter spent summer 2016 working as an intern for NGO Catalytic Communities in Brasil. She wrote an extensive article about female empowerment, with a historical profile of Rio de Pedras; specifically concerning a female skater and the lack of leisure spaces in the community. Read more>>

kaitlyn-karcherKaitlyn Karcher ’19 is double majoring in Political Science and Global Studies. Karcher spent her summer 2016 volunteering for Global Music Outreach, working with kids in Tanzania to promote cross-cultural understanding and increase local students’ access to creative outlets. Read more>>