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Please see the information below for various internship opportunities located in the United States.

Refugees International Internships

Refugees International advocates for lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises.  We do not accept any any government or UN funding, ensuring the independence and credibility of our work.

The American Institute for Contemporary German Studies Internships

AICGS internships provide a professional and educational experience in a not-for-profit think tank that works to build a smarter German-American partnership.
  • Unpaid
  • 2 types: Research Intern and Development Intern
  • Housing discount

BSOS Summer Research Initiative 

This program provides rising juniors and seniors an opportunity to increase their interest in research careers in the social and behavioral sciences, develop research skills, and learn about doctoral training with the goal of encouraging students to pursue doctoral degrees in the social and behavioral sciences. This 8-week program will be held at the University of Maryland, College Park campus from June 4 – July 28, 2018. Students will be provided a meaningful research experience by working with a faculty mentor in one of our nine academic departments.

  • Paid – $3,150 Stipend
  • Summer

The Critical Languages Institute (CLI)

The Critical Languages Institute (CLI) at Arizona State University’s Melikian Center is a national training institute for less commonly taught languages, offering summer intensive courses and study-abroad programs around the world. CLI offers intensive courses in 12 critical and less-commonly-taught languages, and study-abroad programs in 7 locations.

  • Summer
  • Overseas extension
  • Funding available

Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program

The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program, hosted by Northern Arizona University’s Landscape Conservation Initiative in collaboration with Conservation Science Partners and The Grand Canyon Trust and funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, serves to ensure that the conservation field is holistic, relevant, and just by providing a transformative educational and research experience for students typically underrepresented in the conservation workforce.

  • Paid- stipend
  • First-years and Sophomores

Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems (ICPES)

Spend 8 weeks in the nation’s capital with students from around the country and world who are all passionate about public policy. The Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems (ICPES) will give you an insider’s view of Washington, and by the end of the summer you may be ready to call DC home!

  • Unpaid but scholarships available
  • Summer

Environment America

Environment America’s summer field organizers will work to generate media attention, mobilize hundreds of citizens across their states, and build diverse coalitions of organizations and opinion leaders to push for action.

  • Unpaid– compensation varies
  • Columbus, OH, Washington, DC, Richmond, VA
  • Summer: May-August

European Parliament Internships

Deadline for 2020: October 24, 2019. Complement your studies with a genuinely international internship! The European Parliament Liaison Office with the US Congress invites recent graduates with right to work in the United States to apply for a full-time, paid internship. What better place to monitor transnational politics in action, to see global players in international affairs addressing global challenges across a range of policy areas, and to witness the interplay between decision-makers in the US and lawmakers from the European Union?

  • spring: January 16th – April 15th, with an option to extend in Brussels April 16th – June 15th
  • summer: May 1st – July 31st, with an option to extend in Brussels October 1st – November 30th
  • fall: September 17th – December 14th, with an option to extend in Brussels January 16th – March 15th

The Exodus Institute 

The Exodus Institute was founded in 2017 inspired by the spirit of the Exodus ship. The historic voyage of the Exodus vessel carried Jewish migrants from Europe to the Middle East in 1947, displaced after surviving the Holocaust. Today, more than 65 million people are displaced due to conflict, intolerance, economic disparity, and environmental disasters. You will gain opportunities to learn more about international issues, research and content writing on issues related to immigration and human rights, leadership development and the operations of a small nonprofit.

  • 3.5 months
  • $1,000 stipend
  • Full-Time Communications and Website Internship and Full-Time Social Media Internship

Foreign Language & Areas Studies Fellowship

  • Stipend and funded
  • Summer and year-long offered
  • Applications for Arabic, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Hindi-Urdu, Polish and Russian will be prioritized for funding

Humanity In Action Fellowships

Intensive and demanding, the Humanity in Action Fellowship brings together international groups of university students and recent graduates to explore national histories of discrimination and resistance, as well as examples of issues affecting different minority groups today. Our one-year Fellowship program welcomes college and university students and recent graduates from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, the Netherlands, the United States, and Ukraine. Fellows participate in intensive four-week educational programs located in cities across Europe and the United States, with approximately 20 local and international students in each program. Each program provides a site-specific curriculum for understanding the historical and cultural context in which challenges to pluralism and liberal democracy occur.

  • Unpaid- Although Humanity in Action provides a modest stipend for meals, Fellows should also plan to bring spending money of approximately $750 for food and social activities during the fellowship program.
  • One month

International Affairs Internship

Spend 8 weeks in the nation’s capital with students from around the country and world who are all passionate about global issues. The Institute on Economics and International Affairs (IEIA) will give you an insider’s view of Washington, and by the end of the summer you may be ready to call DC home!

  • Unpaid but scholarships available
  • Summer

The International Center for Religion & Diplomacy Internship

CRD is a highly dynamic non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to bridge religious considerations and international politics in support of peacemaking. They are currently seeking interns for the summer who have passion and experience in the fields of religion and conflict mitigation.

  • Unpaid

Into the Fields Fellowship

The Into the Fields Fellowship is a development program for college students and recent graduates to improve farmworkers’ access to healthcare as well as advocate for improved living and working conditions. SAF will place 5 fellows with health clinics that serve farmworkers in North Carolina.

  • Paid: $8,000 stipend + $1000 stipend to attend East Coast Migrant Stream Forum, room and board at 4 free trainings, mentorship, and academic credit available.
  • 5 months long
  • Must speak Spanish

Into the Fields Internship

Deadline: February 4, 2020. SAF develops the leadership of college students from diverse backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to work directly with farmworkers in the Southeast.  Each year, SAF trains approximately 20 students on farmworker issues, and places them to work full-time with migrant education programs, legal aid offices, rural health clinics, community-based organizations and farmworker unions. The Student Actions for Farmworkers (SAF) Internship is a 10-week program  Spend your summer meeting and supporting the people who plant, harvest and produce the food you eat everyday!

  • Paid- $1600 total stipend, free rent in furnished housing, $1500 scholarship upon completion, room and board at 3 free trainings, mentorship and academic credit available.  Out-of-state students from farmworker families receive paid travel to North Carolina.
  • May-August

Let America Vote

We are currently looking for bright, energetic individuals who want to join our ground game effort in this fight. You will learn the nuts and bolts of how a professional campaign operation is run, help elect some great candidates, and be a critical grassroots advocate for protecting our constitutional right to vote! The LAV intern and fellowship programs are designed to be an enriching educational experience, where participants will engage in daily field activities, learn from and have access to seasoned campaign staff, and hear from a variety of political guest speakers

The Leadership Development Program at Middle East Institute 

The Leadership Development Internship Program at the Middle East Institute is designed to provide students or recent graduates considering a career in a Middle East related field with hands-on experience at a Washington, DC-based, nonprofit organization that focuses exclusively on the Middle East.  Fall (September – December): June 1, Spring (January– May): November 1, and Summer (June – August): March 1,

  • Unpaid but travel stipend

Mingma Norbu Sherpa Fellowship

The Carolina Center for Public Service is accepting applications for opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. The Mingma Norbu Sherpa Fellowship provides $1,250 to support undergraduate or graduate field study and engaged research in environmental areas at field sites, preferably abroad. Preference will be given to students in the Buckley Public Service Scholars program who are majoring in business, environmental or economics disciplines.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Institute Programs

Leadership and the American Presidency offers students unique experiences throughout the Summer and Fall to participate in programming as well as attend special events. Our program, co-sponsored by The Fund for American Studies, provides the opportunities and resources for students to interact with and learn valuable insight from top names in government, business, and nonprofit organizations. As students learn about their own leadership journeys, speakers offer their personal leadership lessons to further promote, educate, and encourage students about the power of leadership and civic engagement.

  • Unpaid
  • Semester

National Academy of Social Insurance Fellowships

Each summer, the Academy offers a select number of nationally competitive paid internships for students studying for or interested in careers in social insurance policy. The internships offer students access to the Academy’s staff and membership, a group made up of the nation’s leading experts on social insurance policy. The Academy is uniquely qualified to provide students with challenging internship opportunities and provides interns with access to information and experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

  • Paid- $3,500 stipend
  • Summer
  • Varying types of internships

National Fellowship Program for Asian American Organizing and Civic Engagement

The National Fellowship Program for Asian American Organizing and Civic Engagement develops the leadership of a new generation of activists and organizers who are deeply invested in building the power of and improving the lives of working-class Asian immigrant communities. Running from June to August, the fellowship program provides 10 weeks of intensive training, ground work, and reflection.

  • 10 weeks- Summer

United Nations Summer Study

The United Nations Summer Study (UNSS) program puts undergraduate students on the ground in the United Nations and in New York City. Unlike other UN study programs, UNSS takes you beyond a narrow focus on security and diplomacy to investigate development, human rights, humanitarian action, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, and environmental and reform issues.

  • Summer
  • Program fees and housing costs associated

US AID Student Internships

Interns generally work in one of USAID’s offices in Washington, D.C., supporting programs in fields such as economic growth, agriculture, education, health, environment, democracy and governance, conflict prevention, and humanitarian assistance.

  • Paid and unpaid internships
  • minimum 3.0 GPA
  • rolling

U.S. PIRG Internship

We’re looking for students who care about solving the problems that America faces. As an intern with U.S. PIRG, you’ll help us educate and engage people on the important issues we’re working on. Whether it’s by getting our issues into the media, helping to grow our coalitions or organizing events, you’ll be helping us build the public support it takes to win.

  • Rolling basis

U.S. PIRG Fellowship

U.S. PIRG is part of The Public Interest Network — a group of organizations that share a vision of a better country, a set of core values, and a coordinated strategic approach to getting things done. Every day, whether it’s in Washington, D.C., a state capitol, or a corporate boardroom, someone is making a decision that will affect all of us — it could be about our health, our safety or our democracy

  •  $26,500
  • One year

USTR Internship Program

The intern program at USTR is a semester-long, volunteer program in which undergraduate, graduate, and recently graduated students gain knowledge and experience in conducting U.S. trade policy. Assignments may include research, analysis, statistics, and coordination of briefing books, report preparation, meeting and conference planning, letter writing, and covering meetings, hearings, and/or legislative markup sessions. Internships are available in all 26 departments of the Washington, DC office.

  • Unpaid

Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) Internship

WOLA’S Sally Yudelman Internship Program seeks to give interns hands-on experience and broad exposure to human rights advocacy and the foreign policy-making process. WOLA selects seven undergraduate interns per semester, and each intern is assigned to a different program area—communications, fundraising, or one of many policy programs.

  • 12-40 hours
  • $1,000 stipend

Solidarity Center Research Intern

The intern will assist the Strategic Research and Campaign Development Department on industrial and corporate research in the developing world. A long-term research project will be supplemented by shorter research projects based on need. Possible industries include but will not be limited to agriculture, garment, hospitality, informal economy, auto, education and healthcare.

  • 35 hours/week, 10 weeks
  • $5,000 stipend

Solidarity Center Research Intern, Asia Department

The intern will assist the Asia Department to compile research on the environmental and health impacts of the global garment industry, with a focus on Bangladesh. Research may also include an analysis of the impacts of climate change on communities in Bangladesh.

  • 35 hours/week, 10 weeks
  • $5,000 stipend

Solidarity Center Intern, Eastern Europe & Central Asia Regional Department

The intern will assist the Europe/Central Asia Regional Department on the following topics:

1. Researching ratification and enforcement of international labor standards in Central and Eastern European and Central Asian states.
2. Attend internal organizational and public meetings in Washington, DC where issues in item 1 are discussed.
3. Draft a wide variety of reports on the above topics. Assist to edit reports written by others.
4. Assist in planning activities that will strengthen application and enforcement of international labor standards throughout the region.
5. Conduct other research projects as directed.

  • 35 hours/week, 10 weeks
  • $5,000 stipend

Solidarity Center Intern, Communications Department

The intern will assist the Communications Department in supporting Solidarity Center efforts to ensure that worker voices are included in the debate around human rights, globalization and economic inequality, and assisting in the production of high-quality communications (internal and external) products.

  • 35 hours/week, 10 weeks
  • $5,000 stipend