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Di Cassio

The culmination of many years of hard work and intensive preparation, Global Studies MA student Tara Di Cassio was recently awarded a Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA) Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year. A prestigious fellowship with a rigorous selection process (including a five-and-a-half hour exam complete with reading, writing, and listening components), CASA is currently administered through the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. The twelve-month fellowship consists of a cultural language program, lecture series, internships, and content courses taught in Arabic. Tara will use the fellowship to study at the Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman, Jordan.

Tara’s interest in Middle Eastern studies was something first honed during her sophomore year at NC State University and has been further developed in her first year in the Global Studies MA program. As Tara stated:

“On my return from a Boren Fellowship year in Amman, Jordan, my aspiration to receive admission to CASA was strongly encouraged and supported by the professors in Global Studies. The courses within the Global Studies MA program challenge students to think globally, but at the same time stress the importance of specialized area and language studies.”

The CASA experience will help Tara further foster the language proficiency and cultural understanding necessary to advance her Global Studies capstone project research on protest art and political participation in the West Bank.