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Six First Year Students Present at King’s College London, May 8-9

Six students from Global Studies participated in the King’s College London collaboration this year. The MA students designed presentations describing their areas of interest and early ideas for their research projects and presented them at King’s College on May 8 and 9th. Pictured left to right: Chris Prince, Sajjad Hussain, Mohammed Eid, Shannon Longhurst, Justine DiStefano, and Caleb Masten.

First Year MA Students Share Research in Poster Session 

As part of the GLBL 700 “Introduction to Theories and Methods in Global Studies” a course taught by Professor Betsy Olson, the members of our fourth cohort of MA students designed research posters describing their areas of interest and early ideas for their research projects. Students discussed their work with Global Studies joint and affiliate faculty at the poster session held on April 23rd in the Anne Queen Lounge.  The Global Studies MA Program welcomed 13 new students in August 2017. First row, pictured left to right: Sajjad Hussain, Aisha Mpinga, Justine DiStefano, Shannon Longhurst. Second row, pictured left to right: Mohammed Eid, Liam Anderson, William Zang, Albert Cavallaro, Jamie Davis, Thomas Lasater, Caleb Masten, Christopher Prince, and Betsy Olson.

First Year MA Students Orientation

We welcomed our fourth cohort of new Global Studies MA students at our Student Orientation and Welcome Lunch on August 18. They are just finishing up their first semester in the program and we are very excited to continue working with them. Pictured, left to right: Caleb Masten, Christopher Prince, Justine DiStefano, Thomas Lasater, Liam Anderson, Aisha Mpinga, Shannon Longhurst, Mohammed Eid, Sajjad Hussain, William Zang, Chris Hill, & Albert Cavallaro. Not pictured: Abigail Semon