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Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.46.56 PMFrom left to right: Erica Johnson, director of graduate studies, UNC Global Studies; Mateo Saenz Hinojosa, KCL; Tara Di Cassio, UNC; Ashley McDermott, UNC; Mattie Webb, UNC; Andreina Malki, UNC; Giovany Delgado, KCL; Christopher Chagnon, KCL; Samuel Greene, director of KCL’s Russia Institute. Not pictured: Jonathan Weiler, director of undergraduate studies, UNC Global Studies.

Four Global Studies master’s students traveled to London to present their research projects at a joint UNC-King’s College London (KCL) Graduate Student Workshop on May 4. Four master’s students in the King’s College Master’s in Science and International Development were also selected to present their research at the event. The workshop was held in the School of Global Affairs at King’s College London.

The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for our MA students to present their research in a professional setting, and receive feedback on their projects from faculty discussants and fellow participants. Most of the students are in early stages of planning their MA projects, and they received valuable input on framing their research questions, literatures to explore, and methods and approach. We hope the May 4 workshop is the first in a series of ongoing exchanges between the two programs.

On May 3, our workshop group was also invited to participate in a policy roundtable discussion on “Authoritarianism, Uncertainty, and Global Policy,” which was held in conjunction with a separate UNC-KCL graduate research symposium. Graeme Robertson, associate professor of Political Science and joint Global Studies faculty, and three UNC political science doctoral students convened with their counterparts at KCL to explore comparative authoritarianism on May 2–3.

We are very grateful to Samuel Greene, director of the King’s Russia Institute at KCL, for organizing the workshop and to the UNC King’s College Fund to the UNC College of Arts & Sciences for travel support for the students and faculty participants.