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Global Studies Newsletter
Fall 2015


Message from the Chair

Milada-smallAt the Curriculum in Global Studies, we are in the middle of an exciting and productive semester. Our undergraduate majors continue to bring their intellectual curiosity and energy to their courses as well as the many opportunities related to our global world that they pursue on campus and beyond. Our summer 2015 Undergraduate Internship Award winners are a great example. Thanks to funding from the Chancellor’s Global Education Fund, here is what they accomplished:

We are delighted to welcome our new faculty member, Brigitte Zimmerman, and our second cohort of Global Studies MA students (both featured below). With some 28 MA students on campus now, we are pursuing initiatives to facilitate global research, internship and professionalization opportunities within the program, and also in collaboration with NC State. Thanks as well to funding from the Chancellor’s Global Education Fund, seven MA students received summer funding for an exciting array of research projects, internships and course enrollments during summer 2015.

We are looking forward to working with all of our students and joint faculty, and making new connections across the campus. Keep an eye out for events and also funding opportunities for students and faculty in the coming months. —Milada Anna Vachudova

Welcome MA Students

MA studentsAlthough they have big shoes to fill, the second cohort of the Global Studies MA program is off to a great start. Five students joined the Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies (REEES) concentration, and nine students are pursuing the thematic concentrations: Global Economics; Global Politics, Institutions, and Societies; or Global Migration. All 14 first-year MA students are required to take GLBL 700, a course that involves lively and challenging debates about issues of globalization and preparation for research projects. Learn more about the MA students.

 New Faculty

Brigitte squareProfessor Brigitte Zimmerman, our new assistant professor in Public Policy and Global Studies, has come a long way over the course of her career and yet she always seems to return to Malawi. Currently, she is studying accountability structures in Sub-Saharan Africa and the ways in which citizens express their support or disapproval towards government officials. Her current research in this area focuses on the decision-making process of government officials in allocating international aid as well as the tracking techniques used to determine where aid is being sent. Learn more about Professor Zimmerman.

Featured Student

AlexisjImagine lying under the stars in the Moroccan desert, nothing but silence as your companion. Imagine walking the streets of Chefchaouen, a city marked by buildings painted innumerable shades of blue. Many people can only imagine, but for junior Alexis Strang, this summer the dream became a reality. This Global Studies and Anthropology double major who grew up in Concord, North Carolina always knew she wanted to travel. Thanks to help from Carolina, she was able to embark on nine weeks of study abroad in Fez, Morocco. Learn more about her summer abroad.

Spotlighted Faculty 

MichaelMorganLike many historians, Professor Michael Morgan says that his interests have been shaped by the era in which he grew up. Morgan’s current research focuses on the history of the Cold War, specifically the genesis of the Helsinki Final Act. The 1975 agreement was a watershed in relations between the superpowers and had far-reaching consequences for human rights and international politics, especially in Europe. Learn more about his research.

Featured Alumna

ColleenColleen Daly ’13 holds a double major in Global Studies and Spanish, with a minor in Social and Economic Justice. She studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain to connect with the memory of her late grandfather, who had studied there in the Archives of the Indies as part of his research as a professor of Latin American History at Duke. Learn more about Colleen’s life after graduation.

Spotlighted Faculty

Nina MartinProfessor Nina Martin researches the effects of global processes, such as immigration, urbanization, and economic development, on her everyday world. Inspired by her current neighborhood in Durham and her years as a graduate student in Chicago and London, her fieldwork looks at how inequities between different social groups get created and inscribed in urban space. Past research includes the impacts of local policies regulating immigrants, the informal economy, and non-profit organization. Learn more about her research.


Faculty Publication

Divorce: A Love Story

bookIn this one-of-a-kind joint memoir, Jonathan Weiler and Anne Menkens tell the story of how their relationship continued to evolve and how they co-parented their daughter once they decided their marriage was no longer working. With honesty and humor, Jonathan and Anne explain how they worked through the struggles that accompany a failed romance in order to be the kinds of parents, separately and together, that they knew their daughter needed.


Outside the Classroom

outsideWhether attending a panel about various research methods or visiting Buckhorn Market, there are numerous opportunities for students in the Global Studies department to learn more about their field outside of the classroom. See more events outside the classroom.

Support Global Studies

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