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Global Studies Newsletter Fall 2014

Message from the Chair

As the new Chair of the Curriculum in Global Studies, I welcome all of our undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and supporters to the 2014–2015 school year. We are especially delighted to welcome our inaugural class of Global Studies MA students whose intellectual energy and international passion is already bringing a new energy to our curriculum. We are looking forward to working closely with our vibrant community of students and scholars on campus as we create new opportunities for global learning. —Milada Anna Vachudova

Welcome MA Students

This semester we welcome the inaugural cohort in the Global Studies MA program. The two-year interdisciplinary applied research degree combines scholarly rigor with practical skills to analyze trans-regional and trans-national themes, events, and processes that affect states and societies around the world. Learn more about this inaugural class on our website.

Spring 2014 Honors Students

At the spring 2014 Honors Luncheon, Global Studies honored the following students: Griffin Bur, Abby Hart, Lindsay Miller, Sima Sharara, Matt Steyl, Sophie Stramm, Jessica Tobin, and Emily Whitfield. Learn more about these honors senior theses on our website.

Featured Students

Sasha Seymore is a Global Studies and Economics double major with a minor in Business Administration, who is researching NGOs that use sports as their primary method of affecting change. Learn about Sasha and other featured students.

Featured Alumna

Cristina Bernardo graduated in 2005 with a BA in Global Studies and a minor in Business Administration. Cristina says “I have learned that business can have a very large and positive impact on society and poverty reduction. I am glad that my studies at UNC have brought me to where I am today.” Learn more about Cristina’s work since graduating.

Upcoming Events

Russia, the West and the War in Ukraine
Join us for a roundtable discussion with Maria Popova (McGill
University), Grigore Pop-Eleches (Princeton University), Anna Yudina (UNC), and Graeme Robertson (UNC).
Friday, October 10, 2014, 12:00–1:30 pm
UNC-Chapel Hill, Global Education Center 4003
RSVP required to