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This past summer, I was able to complete a summer internship at the Change Institute. The Change Institute (CI) is a Global Leadership Training and Travel Exchange Program for Youth aged Grades 9-12. Founded by Social Designs, this is a two-week long study abroad program, where youth from Greensboro, North Carolina travel to Barbados to learn about; culture, conflict resolution, sustainability, food justice and equity. For the Internship, I had the privilege of going to Barbados for a month to engage in team-building, conflict resolution, and environmental sustainability research. My goal throughout the experience was to increase funding awareness for the Change Institute and create a blueprint for the recruitment of students in the future using the digital platform and plugging into our networks and affiliates. I was also able to create other sustainable tools that will enhance communication between the Change Institute and students in the US on a regular basis.

I spent a month in Barbados acting as a representative for the Change Institute at the The Sojourner Foundation (TSF). The staff was very keen to include me in their activities and I spent some quality time on the farm. Many of the other tasks I performed for The Sojourner Foundation occurred after a few days focusing on the Marie Holder Memorial Trust (MHMT) proposal as well as on meetings an educational workshop at Kamp Deed.  Additionally, I conducted research for the Sojourner Foundation’s Market that equipped the incoming interns and current staff to discover what gaps may need filling as well as what activities they may need to do in order to gain exposure with relevant and aligned partners. I was also able to draw up a planner and come up with ways to for TSF to run an internship program. This included a request for expertise to assist in capacity building of the core members of the organization. I was also able to conduct a research on the use of the arts and other social tools to give Sojourner exposure and connection with the youth. I also conducted a meeting with two members of the United Nations, and through that meeting, we were able to forge a new relationship with the new face of UNDP Barbados Shari Inniss. Lastly, I was able to draw up a proposal for CI and TSF that featured important capacity building skills that will be gained through programs such as STEM and Study Abroad Research.