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Amber Featherstone graduated in 2006 with a major in International Studies. When she first learned of this major, she jumped at the chance to take it. She was struggling to figure out what her true passions were, and this major allowed her to explore numerous areas to find her niche. The major also gave her a lot of support as she figured out what her international career path could become. From studying multiple languages (French, Portuguese, and Lingala), to learning of global issues and history, the degree gave her a solid understanding of the world around us and the possibilities it holds. Carolina also gave her her first international experience when she studied abroad in Paris in 2014. Coming from a small town in North Carolina, that first trip abroad changed her whole perspective and made her thirsty for more travel and learning of different cultures and ideas. And, she hasn’t stopped since.

Following graduation, she joined Participate (formerly VIF International Education), one of the largest cultural exchange programs for teachers in the U.S. Her studies at Carolina helped her to embrace the idea of helping children in public schools open their eyes to the world around them, and gave her the experience to understand the challenges these exchange visitors were facing in adapting to life in the U.S. Her job there took her to Costa Rica for almost two years where she worked in the office there and served as an Interview Specialist – traveling to various countries to interview applicants to the program and helping them to meet their goals of living and working abroad.

She is now the Director of International Programs at Wake Forest University School of Law. In her role, she recruits and supports foreign attorneys who wish to further their understanding of the law and learn more about U.S. law through various types of degree programs. When she thinks back to her time at Carolina focusing on International Studies, this job has been the culmination of all that she learned. Her degree there not only opened her eyes to the world around us, but also instilled in her the conviction to learn from others and share our own culture with them as well.