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Where Are They Now?

We believe that while we live in a globalized society, it is important for students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to have a rich and diverse experience that teaches them understandings of nations across the globe. After completing their undergraduate or master’s degree in Global Studies, many of our students go on to explore issues surrounding economic change; global impact of colonialism; human rights; globalization; migration and diasporas; global and local social movements; environment rights; global health and human reproduction; and technology and patterns of cultural transmission. Our alumni have traveled the globe after graduation and have worked with organizations like the United Nations, Carnegie Endowment, Homeland Security, the IMF, RTI International, George Washington University, the White House, British Parliament, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and various U.S Embassies. Our alumni also have attended other graduate schools such as Brown University, University of Texas in Austin, Queen’s University Belfast, Stanford Graduate School of Business, London School of Economics, Princeton University, and many more. Please look through each tab to learn more about what our students achieved at UNC and how they have flourished in their current endeavors.