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The Curriculum in Global Studies aims to provide students with rich and diverse experiences that afford them nuanced understanding of cultures across the world along with the increasing interconnectedness of ideas, goods, and peoples in our globalized society.  Global Studies students examine the circumstances surrounding economic change; global impact of colonialism; human rights; globalization; migration and diasporas; global and local social movements; environment rights; global health and human reproduction; and technology and patterns of cultural transmission.  After completing their undergraduate or master’s degree in Global Studies, our students go on to thrive in a wide array of career fields and graduate degree programs.

Learn more about some of the professional pathways and graduate degree programs pursued by Global Studies alumni below.  While not exhaustive, this brief summary is meant to illuminate some of the recent trends in Global Studies graduates.

To look at specific alumni profiles, please click on the tabs to your left to see what our alumni have accomplished.


Post-Graduate Degree Programs 


JD (UNC, Duke, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, University of Virginia, NYU, University of Chicago)

MBA (UNC, Emory, Wake Forest, Duke, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, University of Chicago)

M.Ed/MAT (George Washington, Wake Forest, Boston College, UT Austin)

MPH (UNC, Columbia, Michigan, Harvard, Emory)

MA International Relations/Affairs (George Washington, American, Johns Hopkins, Boston University, Georgetown)

MPA/MPP (UT Austin, UNC, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia)


Other degree programs of note: MSW, MAC, MLS, MSN, PharmD, MD, and all varieties of MA/PhD programs (Global Studies, Security Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, English, Journalism/Communication, Religion, Geography, City & Regional Planning, Linguistics, Romance Studies, Psychology, etc)


Alumni Career Fields 


Non-Profit/NGOs (Teach for America, College Advising Corps, ACLU, RTI International, FHI 360)

State/Federal Government (US Dept of State, GAO, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, USAID, HUD)

Consulting (Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton, McKinsey & Company)

Banking & Financial Services (Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Ernst & Young, Fidelity Investments)

Higher Education Professional (UNC, UNC Greensboro, George Mason, NC State, Virginia Tech, Colorado, USC)

Think Tanks (Rand Corp, Rocky Mountain Institute, Mathematica Policy Research, Brookings)


Other careers fields of note: Marketing/Communication, Supply Chain Management, Primary/Secondary Education (Teacher/Administrator), Risk Assessment, Military, Grant Writing