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Given the latest directive from UNC regarding COVID-19,  the faculty and staff from the Curriculum in Global Studies will be working remotely.  They will be happy to address any questions/concerns via e-mail.

Arne Kalleberg

Chair, Curriculum in Global Studies
Kenan Distinguished Professor of Sociology
Phone: 919.962.6258│ Fax: 919.962.8485
Office: 2203 Fedex Global Education Center

JWeiler2Jonathan Weiler

Teaching Professor
Associate Chair & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 919.962.0491│ Fax: 919.962.8485
Office: 2205 Fedex Global Education Center

Erica headshot smallErica Johnson

Teaching Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Phone: 919.962.0663 │ Fax: 919.962.8485
Office: 2207 Fedex Global Education Center

osterweil1Michal Osterweil

Teaching Associate Professor
Director of Internships & Diversity Liaison
Phone: 919.962.8483 │ Fax: 919.962.8485
Office: 2208 Fedex Global Education Center

L.E. Alexander

Business Services Coordinator
Phone: 919.962.5442 │ Fax: 919.962.8485
Office: 2202 Fedex Global Education Center

Zach Ward

Student Services Manager
Phone: 919.962.7078 │ Fax: 919.962.8485
Office: 2206 Fedex Global Education Center