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AAAD 101 Introduction to Africa

AAAD 307 21st Century Scramble for Africa

AAAD 315 Political Protest and Conflict in Africa

AAAD 316 Policy Problems in African Studies

AAAD 498 Human Rights and Social Justice Movements in Africa

AMST 277 Globalization and National Identity

ANTH 130 Anthropology of the Caribbean

ANTH 280 Anthropology of War and Peace

ANTH 319 Global Health

ANTH 322 Anthropology of Human Rights

ANTH 360 Latin American Economy and Society

ANTH 375 Memory, Massacres, and Monuments in Southeast Asia

ANTH 449* Experimental Courses in Anthropology IV

ANTH 468 State Formation

ANTH 599* Experimental Courses in Anthropology IV

ARTH/HIST 514 Monuments and Memory

ASIA 243 Political and Economic Change in Asia

ASIA 457 Globalization in East Asia

ASIA 460 Sex, Crime, and Corruption in Asia

ASIA/HIST/PWAD 281 The Pacific War

COMM 376 Rhetoric of War and Peace

COMM 390* Selected Topics

ENEC/PLCY 372 Global Environment: Policy Analysis and Solutions

ENEC/PLCY 520 Environment and Development

ENEC/POLI 254 International Environmental Politics

ENGL 365 Migration and Globalization

GEOG 423 Social Geography

GEOG 435 Environment and Geography

GEOG 447 Gender, Space and Place in the Middle East

GEOG 452 Mobile Geographies

GEOG 453 Political Geography

GEOG 460 Geographies of Economic Change

GEOG 464 Europe Today

GLBL 390* Special Topics in Global Studies

HIST 215 Peace and War

HIST 276 Middle East in the Modern Era

HIST 292H* Special Topics

HIST 513 Imperialism and the Third World

HIST 570 The Vietnam War

HIST 577 United States Foreign Relations

HNRS 352 Seminar in Social and Behavioral Sciences

JOMC 446 International Communication and Comparative Journalism

LING 543 Language in Politics

MUSC 390H* Honors Seminar in Music

POLI 130 Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLI 131 Political Change and Modernization

POLI 190* Undergraduate Seminar

POLI 231 Latin America/U.S. in World Politics

POLI 235 Politics of the Soviet Union and its Successor States

POLI 236 Politics of East-Central Europe

POLI 238 Latin American Politics

POLI 239 Introduction to European Government

POLI 252 International Organizations and Global Issues

POLI 253 Problems in World Order

POLI 259 Evolution of the International System

POLI 260 Crisis and Change in Russia and Eastern Europe

POLI 273 Social and Economic Justice

POLI 431 Democratization in Africa

POLI 433 Politics of the European Union

POLI 435 Democracy and Development in Latin America

POLI 438 Democracy and International Institutions in an Undivided Europe

POLI 442 International Political Economy

POLI 443 American Foreign Policy: Formulation and Conduct

POLI 444 Seminar on Terrorism

POLI 450 Contemporary Inter-American Relations

POLI 457 International Conflict Processes

POLI 470 Social and Political Philosophy

POLI 471 Recent Contemporary Political Thought

PLCY 520 Environment and Development

PWAD 252 International Organization Global Issues

PWAD 350 National and International Security

PWAD 352* Special Topics

RELI 181 Later Islamic Civilization and Modern Muslim Cultures

RUES 469 Ethnic Conflict and International Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia

SLAV 306 Language and Nationalism

SOCI 111 Human Societies

SOCI 121 Population Problems

SOCI 133 Sociology of Politics

SOCI 290* Special Topics

SOCI 453 Social Change in Latin America

SOCI 481 Managing International Conflict

WMST 293 Gender and Imperialism

WMST 388 The International Politics of Sexual Reproduction

WMST 410 Comparative Queer Politics