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AMST 499* Special Topics

ANTH 147 Comparative Healing Systems

ANTH 151 Anthropological Perspectives on Food and Culture

ANTH 238 Human Ecology of Africa

ANTH 312 From the Equator to the Poles: Case Studies in Global Environmental Change

ANTH 318 Human Growth and Development

ANTH 319 Global Health

ANTH 470 Medicine and Anthropology

ANTH 473 Anthropology of the Body and the Subject

ANTH 499* Special Topics

ANTH 512 Environmental Anthropology

ANTH 525 Culture and Personality

BIOL 262 Global Ecology: An International Perspective on Ecological and Environmental Problems

ENEC 225 Water Resource Management and Human Rights

ENEC 370 Agriculture and Environment

ENEC 490* Special Topics

ENEC 510 Policy Analysis of Global Climate Change

ENEC/GEOG 264 Biodiversity Conservation

ENEC/PLCY 372 Global Environment: Policy Analysis and Solutions

ENEC/PLCY 480 Environmental Decision Making

ENEC/PLCY 520 Environment and Development

ENEC/POLI 254 International Environmental Politics

ENGL 268 Literature, Medicine, and Culture

ENVR 600 Health and Environment

GEOG 237 Natural Resources

GEOG 269 Human-Environmental Interactions in the Galapagos Islands

GEOG 434 Cultural Ecology of Disease, Agriculture, and Urbanization

GEOG 435 Environmental Politics

GEOG 445 Medical Geography

GEOG 446 Geography of Health Care Delivery

GEOG 457 Rural Latin America: Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources

HNRS 089* First-Year Seminar

HNRS 352 Is There Dinner? Toward Understanding an Endangered Species

HPM 660 International and Comparative Health Systems

MHCH 610 Issues in Maternal and Child Health

PLCY 490* Special Topics

PLCY 565 Global Health Policy

PLCY 590* Special Topics

PUBH 510 Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Global Health

SOCI 265 People and Environment in Southeast Asia.

SOCI 469 Medicine and Society

WMST 388 The International Politics of Sexual and Reproductive Health

WMST 610 Feminism, Sexuality and Human Rights