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All courses below are approved for credit toward the Global Studies undergraduate major and appear in the Registrar’s course listings for Spring 2022. This list was updated on October 7, 2021 and changes could occur in course offerings between when this list was generated and the start of the Spring 2022 semester. We cannot update this list with every course change that could occur so please make sure to reference the All Courses Approved for the Major page as well.  Students can also find the Global Studies B.A. major requirements and course approvals on our Course Catalog page.

You must read this carefully:

Students interested in receiving GLBL major approval for courses that do not appear on the approved course list should submit a petition through our new Course Credit Request System. Petitions will no longer be accepted via e-mail. 

Students can also find the Global Studies B.A. major requirements and course approvals on our Course Catalog page. 

Core Courses 

GLBL 210  Global Issues and Globalization   
Two core courses, each from a different department:   
ANTH 142  Local Cultures, Global Forces H   
ASIA/RELI 181  Modern Muslim Societies   
ENEC 201  Introduction to Environment and Society H   
ENGL 141  World Literatures in English   
GEOG 121  Geographies of Globalization   
GEOG 130  Development and Inequality: Global Perspectives H   
GEOG 212  Environmental Conservation and Global Change   
GEOG 232  Agriculture, Food, and Society   
GEOG/PWAD 120  World Regional Geography   
HIST 140  The World since 1945   
MUSC 146  Introduction to World Musics   
PHIL/POLI/PWAD 272  The Ethics of Peace, War, and Defense   
PLCY/GLBL/PWAD 110  Global Policy Issues H   
POLI 130  Introduction to Comparative Politics H   
POLI 150  International Relations and Global Politics H   
SOCI 121  Population Problems   
SOCI/WGST 124  Sex and Gender in Society   


GLBL Courses 

GLBL 110. Global Policy Issues. 3 Credits. 

Global issues are challenges whose sources, impacts, and solutions extend beyond the borders of any one country. This course introduces students to some of the most pressing issues facing populations around the globe and to possible policy responses. Honors version available 

GLBL 193. Global Studies Internship. 1 Credit. 

Internship in a sponsoring organization whose work or mission is meaningfully connected to a global studies topic. 

GLBL 196. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits. 

Permission of the instructor. Reading and research on special topics in global studies. 

GLBL 210. Global Issues and Globalization. 3 Credits. 

Survey of international social, political, and cultural patterns in selected societies of Africa, Asia, America, and Europe, stressing comparative analysis of conflicts and change in different historical contexts. 

GLBL 281. Phillips Ambassadors Program. 3 Credits. 

This academic course is mandatory for Phillips Ambassadors. Course open only to Phillips Ambassadors. 

GLBL 290. Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Dream” and Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong (must be taken for 3 credit hours- can be counted towards Asia area requirement for Global Studies major)

This course explores and analyzes the process of nation-building — not from the center of governmental power as is usually the case but from the edges — using the case of “China” as an example. It will examine this process by tracing the ways in which different boundaries were demarcated and negotiated — and re-negotiated — and their impact on people’s lives and identities. The course will pay special attention to three regions that lie on the margins, both literally and metaphorically, of the People’s Republic of China: 1) Hong Kong (a Special Administrative Region of the PRC) before and after its re-incorporation into China in 1997; 2) the territory of Taiwan that China claims to be one of its provinces but has been for years a de facto independent entity; and 3) Xinjiang (an Autonomous Region of the PRC) that is home to many of the country’s Muslim population. In addition, we will also explore the category of so-called “overseas Chinese” and Beijing’s evolving policies towards this particular “marginal constituency” as migratory patterns changed

GLBL 381. Great Decisions. 1 Credit. 

Eight evening guest lectures, with a discussion session after each, on eight issues in current foreign policy. May be repeated for credit. 

GLBL 394. Teaching Great Decisions II. 2 Credits. 

This course links the Great Decisions lecture series with readings and analyses of international relations. Its purpose is to provide the students on the Great Decisions coordinating committee with a practical and intellectual engagement with United States foreign policy and global issues. 

GLBL 415. Dealing with Difference: Criminal Justice, Race, and Social Movements in Globalization. 3 Credits. 

Recommended preparation, GLBL 210. This course is dedicated to understanding how sameness and difference are used and contested globally, in particular through the criminal justice system and its intersection with race and capitalism. The course pays particular attention to popular social movement responses, and what they say to theories of difference, globalization, and social change. 

GLBL 481H. NGO Politics. 3 Credits. 

This course will investigate how nongovernmental organizations emerge, how they structure their organizations, how they function, and how they influence public policy.  

GLBL 490. Globalized and Deglobalized Russia (can be counted towards Russia/Eastern Europe area requirement for Global Studies major)

How many waves of globalization are there? Deglobalization: how is it happening? Are there regional differences in the ways deglobalization unfolds? How do political regimes control ideologies of globalization? What is the impact  of contemporary globalization on urban and social development?  What is the role of cultural policy in promoting both globalization and deglobalization?  In this course, we apply these and similar questions to the current trends in Russian politics, economics and culture using theoretical frameworks offered by Western and Russian scholars.

GLBL 692H. Honors in Global Studies. 3 Credits. 

Permission of the instructor. Completion of the honors thesis and an oral examination of the thesis. 

Theme Courses 


AAAD 101  Introduction to Africa  3 
ANTH 319  Global Health  3 
GEOG 447  Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East  3 
GEOG 464  Europe Today: Transnationalism, Globalisms, and the Geographies of Pan-Europe  3 
GEOG 480  Liberation Geographies: The Place, Politics, and Practice of Resistance  3 
GLBL 415  Dealing with Difference: Criminal Justice, Race, and Social Movements in Globalization  3 
GLBL 481  NGO Politics H  3 
HIST 276  The Modern Middle East  3 
POLI 130  Introduction to Comparative Politics H  3 
POLI 235  The Politics of Russia and Eurasia H  3 
POLI 238  Politics of the Global South: Latin America H  3 
POLI 239  Introduction to European Government H  3 
POLI 438  Democracy and International Institutions in an Undivided Europe  3 
POLI 448  The Politics of Multilevel Governance  3 
POLI/PWAD 150  International Relations and Global Politics H  3 
PWAD 250  Introduction to Peace and Security Studies  3 
RELI 181  Modern Muslim Societies  3 
SOCI 121  Population Problems  3 
SOCI 274  Social and Economic Justice  3 


AAAD 212  Africa in the Global System  3 
ECON 434  History of Economic Doctrines  3 
ECON 460  International Economics  3 
ECON 469  Asian Economic Systems  3 
ECON 560  Advanced International Economics  3 
GEOG 428  Global Cities: Space, Power, and Identity in the Built Environment  3 
GEOG 464  Europe Today: Transnationalism, Globalisms, and the Geographies of Pan-Europe  3 
PLAN 574  Political Economy of Poverty and Inequality  3 


ANTH 147  Comparative Healing Systems  3 
ANTH 151  Anthropological Perspectives on Food and Culture  3 
ANTH 319  Global Health  3 
ANTH 470  Medicine and Anthropology  3 
ENEC 325  Water Resource Management and Human Rights H  3-4 
ENEC 330  Principles of Sustainability  3 
ENEC/GEOG 437  Social Vulnerability to Climate Change  3 
ENGL 268  Medicine, Literature, and Culture H  3 
ENVR 600  Environmental Health  3 
FREN 305  Healthcare in France and the Francophone World  3 
GEOG 237  Natural Resources  3 
GEOG 437  Social Vulnerability to Climate Change  3 
PLCY 565  Global Health Policy  3 
SOCI 469  Health and Society  3 


ANTH 102  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  3 
ANTH 147  Comparative Healing Systems  3 
ANTH 429  Culture and Power in Southeast Asia  3 
ARTH 155  African Art Survey  3 
CMPL 143  History of Global Cinema  3 
COMM 574  War and Culture  3 
ENGL 164  Introduction to Latina/o Studies H  3 
FREN 280  French “Discoveries” of the Americas in Translation  3 
GEOG 447  Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East  3 
ITAL 385  Italian Landscapes: Italy in the UNESCO World Heritage List  3 
MUSC 146  Introduction to World Musics  3 
RELI 285  The Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka  3 
SPAN 344  Latin@ American Cultural Topics  3 
WGST 124  Sex and Gender in Society  3 


Area Courses 


AAAD 101  Introduction to Africa  3 
AAAD 201  Introduction to African Literature  3 
AAAD 212  Africa in the Global System  3 
AAAD 388  Global Black Feminisms and Women’s Apocalyptic Writing  3 
AAAD 400  Contemporary African Politics  3 
AAAD 487  Intellectual Currents in African and African Diaspora Studies  3 
HIST 130  Modern African History  3 
HIST 279  Modern South Africa H  3 
WGST/HIST 313  Women and the Law in Africa and the Middle East  3 


ANTH 330  Melancholy Japan: Myth, Memory, and Everyday Life  3 
ASIA 231  Bollywood Cinema  3 
ASIA/RELI 285  The Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka  3 
CHIN 252  Introduction to Chinese Culture through Narrative  3 
CHIN 463  Narrative Ethics in Modern China  3 
HIST 288  Japan in the 20th Century  3 
JAPN 162  Japanese Popular Culture  3 
KOR 346  Body Politics in Modern Korean Literature H  3 
RELI 285  The Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka  3 


AAAD 460  Race, Culture, and Politics in Brazil  3 
AAAD 461  Race, Gender, and Activism in Cuba  3 
HIST 142  Latin America under Colonial Rule  3 
HIST 143  Latin America since Independence  3 
HIST 242  United States-Latin American Relations  3 
POLI 238  Politics of the Global South: Latin America H  3 
POLI 434  Politics of Mexico  3 
PORT 375  Portuguese and Brazilian Fiction in Translation  3 
SPAN 344  Latin@ American Cultural Topics  3 
WGST 280  Women and Gender in Latin American History  3 
WGST 352  Rahtid Rebel Women: An Introduction to Caribbean Women  3 
WGST 465  Gender, (Im)migration, and Labor in Latina Literature  3 


ARAB 150  Introduction to Arab Cultures  3 
GEOG 447  Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East  3 
HIST 276  The Modern Middle East  3 
RELI 181  Modern Muslim Societies  3 
RELI 480  Modern Muslim Literatures  3 
SOCI 419  Sociology of the Islamic World  3 


ARTH 152  History of Western Art II H  3 
ENGL 278  Irish Writing, 1800-2000  3 
FREN 305  Healthcare in France and the Francophone World  3 
FREN 372  French and Francophone Studies since 1789  3 
FREN 386  French New Wave Cinema  3 
GEOG 464  Europe Today: Transnationalism, Globalisms, and the Geographies of Pan-Europe  3 
GERM 302  Advanced Communication in German: Media, Arts, Culture  3 
HIST 259  Towards Emancipation? Women in Modern Europe  3 
HIST 262  History of the Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews  3 
POLI 239  Introduction to European Government H  3 
POLI 438  Democracy and International Institutions in an Undivided Europe  3 
SPAN 340  Iberian Cultural Topics  3 


POLI 235  The Politics of Russia and Eurasia H  3