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AAAD 210 African Belief Systems: Religion and Philosophy in Sub-Saharan Africa

AAAD 284 Contemporary Perspectives on the African Diaspora in the Americas

AAAD/WMST 200 Gender and Sexuality in Africa

ANTH 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 103 Anthropology of Globalization

ANTH 123 Habitat and Humanity

ANTH 144 Human Dilemmas

ANTH 147 Comparative Healing Systems

ANTH 259 Culture and Identity

ANTH 280 Anthropology of War and Peace

ANTH 284 Culture and Consumption

ANTH 320 Anthropology of Development

ANTH 334 Art, Myth, and Nature: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

ANTH 429 Culture and Power in Southeast Asia

ANTH 435 Consciousness and Symbols

ANTH 440 Gender and Culture

ANTH 477 Visual Anthropology

ANTH 499* Special Topics

ANTH/FOLK 525 Culture and Personality

ARAB 150 Introduction to Arabic Culture

ARTH 153 Survey of South Asian Art

ARTH 155 African Art Survey

ARTH 157 Introduction to Latin American Visual Culture

ARTH/ASIA 456 Art and Visual Culture of South Asia

ARTH/HIST 514 Memories and Monuments

ASIA 147 Lost in Translation: Understanding Western Experience in East and Southeast Asia

ASIA 150 Asia: An Introduction

ASIA 455 Arabs in America

ASIA/RELI 183 Asian Religions

COMM 574 War and Culture

DRAM 486 Latin American Theater

ENGL 364 Introduction to Latina/o Studies

FREN 375 Francophone Studies

FREN 377 The Evolution of Frenchness since WWII

GEOG 056 FYS: Local Places in a Globalizing World

GEOG 447 Gender, Space and Place in the Middle East

GEOG 452 Mobile Geographies

GLBL 290* Special Topics

GLBL 390* Special Topics

GLBL 490* Special Topics

IDST 256 Global Cinema

JOMC 446 International Communication and Comparative Journalism

MUSC 146 Introduction to World Musics

MUSC 258 Musical Movements: Migrations, Exile and Diaspora

PWAD/SLAV 467 Language and Political Identity

RELI 121 Introduction to Religion and Culture

RELI 284 The Buddhist Tradition: East Asia

RELI 285 The Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka

RELI 328 Topics in Comparative Religion

RELI 428 Religion and Anthropology

SLAV 101 Introduction to Slavic Civilizations

SPAN 344 Contemporary Latin America: Mexico, Central American and the Andean Region

SPAN 345 Contemporary Latin America: Caribbean and the Southern Cone

WMST 124 Sex and Gender in Society

WMST 290* Women, Empire, and the Law in Africa and the Middle East

WMST 297 Women’s Spirituality Across Culture

WMST 410 Comparative Queer Politics