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All global studies majors must also takeĀ GLBL 210: Global Issues.

ANTH 142 Local Cultures, Global Forces
ANTH 380 Anthropological Perspectives on Cultural Diversity
ART 150 World Art
COMM 082 FYS: Globalizing Organizations
DRAM 117 World Drama
ECON 360 Survey of International Development of the Economy
ENGL 141 World Literatures in English
ENGL 265 Literature and Race, Literature and Ethnicity
ENST 201 Environment and Society
GEOG 056 FYS: Local Places in a Globalizing World
GEOG 112 Environmental Conservation
GEOG 120 World Regional Geography
GEOG 121 People and Places
GEOG 123 Cultural Geography
GEOG 130 Geography of the Developing World
GEOG 232 Agriculture, Food and Supply
HIST 140 The World Since 1945
JOMC 446 International Communication and Comparative Journalism
LING/SLAV 306 Language and Nationalism
MUSC 146 Introduction to World Musics
PHIL/POLI/PWAD 272 Ethics of Peace, War, and Defense
PLCY 050 FYS: Environment and Labor in the Global Economy
POLI 130 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLI 150 International Relations and World Politics
RELI 181 Later Islamic Civilization & Modern Muslim Cultures
SOCI 111 Human Societies
SOCI 121 Population Problems
SOCI 133 Sociology of Politics
WMST 281 Gender and Global Change