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ARAB 150 Introduction to Arab Culture

ARAB 151 Survey of Arabic Literature

ARAB 452 Imagining Palestine

ARTH 290* Special Topics

ASIA 062 FYS: Women and Spirituality in Turkey, Zulfikar

ASIA 222 Turkey: Beyond Tradition and Modernity

ASIA 224 Introduction to Iranian Cinema

ASIA 490* Special Topics

COMM 669 Performing Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Afghanistan

GEOG 447 Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East

HIST 276 Modern Middle East

HIST 490* Special Topics

HIST/PWAD 275 History of Iraq

JWST 107 Modern Judaism

POLI 190* Undergraduate Seminar

RELI 064 Re-introducing Islam

RELI 180 Introduction to Islamic Civilization

RELI 181 Modern Islamic Civilization

RELI 480 Modern Muslim Literature

RELI 581 Sufism

RELI 583 Religion and Culture in Iran 1500-Present

RELI 584 Qur’an as Literature

SOCI 419 Sociology of Islam