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AAAD 260 Blacks in Latin America

AAAD 278 Black Caribbeans

AAAD 460 Race, Culture and Politics in Brazil

ANTH 360 Latin American Economy and Society

ANTH 499* Experimental Courses in Anthropology IV

ANTH/FOLK 130 Anthropology of the Caribbean

GEOG 259 Latin America

GEOG 430 Global Migrations, Local Impacts: Urbanization and Migration in the United States

GEOG 457 Rural Latin America: Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources

GEOG 458 Urban Latin America: Politics, Economy, and Society

GLBL 390* Special Topics

HIST 142 Latin America under Colonial Rule

HIST 143 Latin America Since Independence

HIST 176H Honors Only Special Topics

HIST 242 United States-Latin American Relations

HIST 528 Guerrillas and Revolution in 20th Century Latin America

HIST 532 History of Cuba

HIST 533 History of Brazil

JOMC 447 Mass Communications in Mexico

LTAM 101 Introduction to Latin American Studies

MUSC 147 Intro to Latin American Music

POLI 231 Latin American/U.S. World Politics

POLI 238 Contemporary Latin American Politics

POLI 434 Politics of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

POLI 435 Democracy and Development in Latin America

POLI 450 Contemporary Inter-American Relations

PORT 270 Modern Brazilian Literature

PORT 275 Portuguese and Brazilian Fiction

PORT 388 Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Identity in Film

SOCI 453 Social Change in Latin America

SPAN 330 Cultural History of the Hispanic World

SPAN 344 Contemporary Latin America: Mexico, Central America and the Andean Region

SPAN 345 Contemporary Latin America: The Caribbean and the Southern Cone

WMST 280 Women in Latin America

WMST 290* Special Topics

WMST 352 Rahtid Rebel Women: An Introduction to Caribbean Women

WMST 388 International Politics of Sexual Reproductive Health