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ANTH 199* Special Topics

ANTH 330 Melancholy Japan: Myth, Memory, and Everyday Life

ANTH 375 Memory, Massacres and Monuments in Southeast Asia

ANTH 499* Experimental Courses in Anthropology IV

ANTH/ASIA 545 The Politics of Culture in East Asia

ANTH/ASIA 574 Chinese World Views

ASIA 147 Understanding Western Experience in East and Southeast Asia

ASIA 150 Asia: An Introduction

ASIA 162 Nation, Film, and Novel in Modern India

ASIA 183 Asian Religions

ASIA 243 Political and Economic Change in Asia

ASIA 244 Historical Analysis of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

ASIA 253 The Social History of Popular Music in East Asia

ASIA 261 India Through Western Eyes

ASIA 331 Cracking India: Partition and Its Legacy in South Asia

ASIA 331 Cracking India: Partition and Its Legacy in South Asia

ASIA 333 Mahabharata: Remembered, Reimagined, Performed

ASIA 451 Orientalist Fantasies

ASIA 460 Sex, Crime and Corruption in East and Southeast Asia

ASIA 461 Political Economy of Southeast Asia

ASIA 490* Special Topics

ASIA 586 The Gardens, Shrines and Temples of Japan

ASIA/HIST 286 Samurai, Peasant, Merchant, and Outcaste: Japan under the Tokugawa

ASIA/RELI 183 Asian Religions

ASIA/RELI 285 The Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka

CHIN 252 Introduction to Chinese Culture through Narrative

CHIN 253 Chinese Language and Society

CHIN 354 Chinese Culture through Calligraphy

CHIN 463 Narrative Ethics in Modern China

CHIN 464 City in Modern China

CHIN 562 Post-Mao Chinese Urban Culture and Arts

COMM 669 Performing Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Afghanistan

GEOG 399* Contemporary Topics in Geography

GLBL 290* Special Topics

GLBL 390* Special Topics

HIST 134 Modern East Asia

HIST 136 South Asian History since 1750

HIST 282 China and the World

HIST 287 Japan’s Modern Revolution

HIST 288 20th Century Japan

HIST 292 20th Century China

JAPN 161 Geisha in History, Fantasy, and Fiction

JAPN 162 Japanese Pop Culture

JAPN 375 The Culture of Modern Imperial Japan

JAPN 490* Topics in Japanese Language & Literature

KOR 150 History, Memory, and Reality in Contemporary Korea  

KOR 151 Education and Social Changes in Contemporary Korea

POLI 190* Undergraduate Seminar

SOCI 265 People and Environment in Southeast Asia

VIET 252 Introduction to Vietnamese Culture through Music and Narrative