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AAAD 101 Introduction to African Civilization

AAAD 200 African Women: Changing Ideals and Realities

AAAD 201 African Literature

AAAD 210 African Belief Systems: Religion and Philosophy in Sub-Saharan Africa

AAAD 212 Africa in the Global System

AAAD 214 Ethnography of Africa

AAAD 301 Contemporary China-Africa Relations

AAAD 307 21st Century Scramble for Africa

AAAD 315 Political Protest and Conflict in Africa

AAAD 316 Policy Problems in African Studies

AAAD 318 Politics of Cultural Production in Africa

AAAD 320 Music of Africa

AAAD 400 The Challenges of Democratic Governance in Africa

AAAD 412 Senegalese Society and Culture

AAAD 414 Senegalese Society and Culture

AAAD 421 Introduction to the Languages of Africa

AAAD 487 Intellectual Currents in African and African Diaspora Studies

AAAD 498 Human Rights and Social Justice Movements in Africa

ANTH 226 Peoples of Africa

ANTH 238 Human Ecology of Africa

ARTH 255 African Art and Culture

GLBL 390* Special Topics in Global Studies

HIST 067 FYS: Life Histories from 20th Century South Africans

HIST 130 20th Century Scramble for Africa

HIST 279 Modern South African History

HIST 390H* Special Topics

POLI 431 Democratization in Africa

WMST 237 African Gender History

WMST 289 Women and the Law in African and the Middle East

WMST 290* Special Topics