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You must read this carefully:

Many departments have special topic numbers. These are denoted by an asterisk in our course lists. All special topics classes require approval from Director of Undergraduate Studies in order to receive GLBL credit. Do not assume you will receive GLBL credit for taking a special topics class if you have not petitioned the Global Studies office. Petitions will no longer be accepted via e-mail and must be submitted through our new Course Credit Request System. This system also serves students seeking to request any other type of UNC course to count towards the GLBL major.

Don’t forget, you can petition to have a class count for major credit. For courses taken as part of a study abroad program, please see the Study Abroad page.

FYS = first-year seminar; ST= special topics; * = departmental approval for credit still necessary

Africa Asia Latin America Middle East Russia/Eastern Europe Western Europe/European Union


Requirements For Area Studies Courses

Any course approved by individual area studies curriculum will count as an area studies course for the global studies major, provided:

  1. The predominant focus of the course is not language instruction. Courses that are predominantly language instruction will NOT count as an area studies course for the global studies major.
  2. The course must have the appropriate geographical content. Courses that are not area-specific, even if they appear on the area studies websites‘ lists, will NOT qualify as GLBL area courses.

If a course you have taken has been approved by an individual area studies curriculum and is not on this list but meets these two requirements, please follow these guidelines to have the class count for global studies credit.


AAAD 101 Introduction to African Civilization
AAAD 200 African Women: Changing Ideals and Realities
AAAD 201 African Literature
AAAD 210 African Belief Systems: Religion and Philosophy in Sub-Saharan Africa
AAAD 212 Africa in the Global System
AAAD 214 Ethnography of Africa
AAAD 301 Contemporary China-Africa Relations
AAAD 307 21st Century Scramble for Africa
AAAD 315 Political Protest and Conflict in Africa
AAAD 316 Policy Problems in African Studies
AAAD 318 Politics of Cultural Production in Africa
AAAD 320 Music of Africa
AAAD 400 The Challenges of Democratic Governance in Africa
AAAD 412 Regional Seminar in African Studies
AAAD 414 Senegalese Society and Culture
AAAD 421 Introduction to the Languages of Africa
AAAD 487 Intellectual Currents in African and African Diaspora Studies
AAAD 498 Human Rights and Social Justice Movements in Africa
ANTH 226 Peoples of Africa
ANTH 238 Human Ecology of Africa
ARTH 255 African Art and Culture
GLBL 390* Special Topics in Global Studies
HIST 067 FYS: Life Histories from 20th Century South Africans
HIST 130 20th Century Scramble for Africa
HIST 279 Modern South African History
HIST 390H* Special Topics
POLI 431 Democratization in Africa
WMST 237 African Gender History
WMST 289 Women and the Law in African and the Middle East
WMST 290* Special Topics



ANTH 199* Special Topics
ANTH 330  Melancholy Japan: Myth, Memory, and Everyday Life
ANTH 375 Memory, Massacres and Monuments in Southeast Asia
ANTH 499* Experimental Courses in Anthropology IV
ANTH/ASIA 545 The Politics of Culture in East Asia
ANTH/ASIA 574 Chinese World Views
ASIA 147 Understanding Western Experience in East and Southeast Asia
ASIA 150 Asia: An Introduction
ASIA 162 Nation, Film, and Novel in Modern India
ASIA 183 Asian Religions
ASIA 243 Political and Economic Change in Asia
ASIA 244 Historical Analysis of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand
ASIA 253 The Social History of Popular Music in East Asia
ASIA 261 India Through Western Eyes
ASIA 331 Cracking India: Partition and Its Legacy in South Asia
ASIA 333 Mahabharata: Remembered, Reimagined, Performed
ASIA 451 Orientalist Fantasies
ASIA 460 Sex, Crime and Corruption in East and Southeast Asia
ASIA 461 Political Economy of Southeast Asia
ASIA 490* Special Topics
ASIA 586 The Gardens, Shrines and Temples of Japan
ASIA/HIST 286 Samurai, Peasant, Merchant, and Outcaste: Japan under the Tokugawa
ASIA/RELI 183 Asian Religions
ASIA/RELI 285 The Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka
CHIN 252 Introduction to Chinese Culture through Narrative
CHIN 253 Chinese Language and Society
CHIN 354 Chinese Culture through Calligraphy
CHIN 463 Narrative Ethics in Modern China
CHIN 464 City in Modern China
CHIN 562 Post-Mao Chinese Urban Culture and Arts
COMM 669 Performing Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Afghanistan
GEOG 399* Contemporary Topics in Geography
GLBL 290* Special Topics
GLBL 390* Special Topics
HIST 134 Modern East Asia
HIST 136 South Asian History since 1750
HIST 282 China and the World
HIST 287 Japan’s Modern Revolution
HIST 288 20th Century Japan
HIST 292 20th Century China
JAPN 161 Geisha in History, Fantasy, and Fiction
JAPN 162 Japanese Pop Culture
JAPN 375 The Culture of Modern Imperial Japan
JAPN 490* Topics in Japanese Language & Literature
KOR 150 History, Memory, and Reality in Contemporary Korea
KOR 151 Education and Social Changes in Contemporary Korea
POLI 190* Undergraduate Seminar
SOCI 265 People and Environment in Southeast Asia
VIET 252 Introduction to Vietnamese Culture through Music and Narrative



AAAD 260 Blacks in Latin America

AAAD 278 Black Caribbeans

AAAD 460 Race, Culture and Politics in Brazil

ANTH 360 Latin American Economy and Society

ANTH 499* Experimental Courses in Anthropology IV

ANTH/FOLK 130 Anthropology of the Caribbean

GEOG 259 Latin America

GEOG 430 Global Migrations, Local Impacts: Urbanization and Migration in the United States

GEOG 457 Rural Latin America: Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources

GEOG 458 Urban Latin America: Politics, Economy, and Society

GLBL 390* Special Topics

HIST 142 Latin America under Colonial Rule

HIST 143 Latin America Since Independence

HIST 176H Honors Only Special Topics

HIST 242 United States-Latin American Relations

HIST 528 Guerrillas and Revolution in 20th Century Latin America

HIST 532 History of Cuba

HIST 533 History of Brazil

JOMC 447 Mass Communications in Mexico

LTAM 101 Introduction to Latin American Studies

MUSC 147 Intro to Latin American Music

POLI 231 Latin American/U.S. World Politics

POLI 238 Contemporary Latin American Politics

POLI 434 Politics of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

POLI 435 Democracy and Development in Latin America

POLI 450 Contemporary Inter-American Relations

PORT 270 Modern Brazilian Literature

PORT 275 Portuguese and Brazilian Fiction

PORT 388 Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Identity in Film

SOCI 453 Social Change in Latin America

SPAN 330 Cultural History of the Hispanic World

SPAN 344 Contemporary Latin America: Mexico, Central America and the Andean Region

SPAN 345 Contemporary Latin America: The Caribbean and the Southern Cone

WMST 280 Women in Latin America

WMST 290* Special Topics

WMST 352 Rahtid Rebel Women: An Introduction to Caribbean Women

WMST 388 International Politics of Sexual Reproductive Health


ARAB 150 Introduction to Arab Culture

ARAB 151 Survey of Arabic Literature

ARAB 452 Imagining Palestine

ARTH 290* Special Topics

ASIA 062 FYS: Women and Spirituality in Turkey, Zulfikar

ASIA 222 Turkey: Beyond Tradition and Modernity

ASIA 224 Introduction to Iranian Cinema

ASIA 490* Special Topics

COMM 669 Performing Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Afghanistan

GEOG 447 Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East

HIST 276 Modern Middle East

HIST 490* Special Topics

HIST/PWAD 275 History of Iraq

JWST 107 Modern Judaism

POLI 190* Undergraduate Seminar

RELI 064 Re-introducing Islam

RELI 180 Introduction to Islamic Civilization

RELI 181 Modern Islamic Civilization

RELI 480 Modern Muslim Literature

RELI 581 Sufism

RELI 583 Religion and Culture in Iran 1500-Present

RELI 584 Qur’an as Literature

SOCI 419 Sociology of Islam


ANTH 377 European Societies

ART 152 History of Western Art

ART 283 Picturing Paris

CMPL/EURO/FREN 332H Cultural Identities in European Cinema

CMPL/GERM 270/ JWST/RELI 239 German Culture and the Jewish Question

DRAM 286 Modern Irish Drama

DRAM 289 Contemporary Irish Drama

DTCH 405* Topics in Dutch Culture

ECON 461 European Economic Integration

ENGL 278 Contemporary Irish Writers

EURO/HIST 159 20th Century Europe

FREN 350 Advanced Oral and Written French

FREN 372 Survey of French Literature III

FREN 373 New Wave Cinema

FREN 377 Evolution of Frenchness Since World War II

FREN 398 Contemporary Identities in European Cinema

GEOG 464 Europe Today

GERM 255 Germany and the Cold War

GERM 280 20th Century German Philosophy and Modern Youth Cultures

GERM 302 Language and Culture: Immigration to Germany from 1955-Present

GERM 350 Modern German Literature

GERM 382 Violence and Terrorism in Contemporary German Literature and Film

GERM/POLI/SOCI 257 Society and Culture in Post-War Germany

HIST 259 Women in Europe Since 1750

HIST 262 History of the Holocaust

HIST 390H* Honors-only Special Topics

HIST 475 Great Britain in the 20th Century

HNRS 353 Seminar in Historical Analysis

ITAL 330 Italian Civilization I

ITAL 333 Italian Film and Culture

ITAL 335 Topics on Italian Film and Culture: Social Issues in Italy from the 1960s-Present

ITAL 343 Italian Culture Today

ITAL 398 Undergraduate Seminar in Italian

POLI 190* Special Topics

POLI 239 Introduction to European Government

POLI 433 Politics of the European Union

POLI 438 Undivided Europe

PORT 388 Portuguese, Brazilian and African Identity in Film

ROML 056 FYS: Italians in Search of Harmony

SPAN 340 Cultures of Contemporary Spain

SPAN 398* Special Topics


HIST 162 Russia 1861-Present
HUNG 490* Special Topics
JWST/PLSH 412 20th Century Polish Literature and Culture
POLI 235 Soviet/Post-Soviet Politics
POLI/PWAD/RUES/SOCI 260 Crisis and Change in Russia and East Europe
RUSS 273 Russian Culture and Society: 1890-1917
RUSS 274 Russian Literature from 1917 to the Present
RUSS 425* Topics in Russian Literature
RUSS 441 From Decadence to Revolution
RUSS 442 Russian Literature and Culture from Cold War to Capitalism
RUSS 469 Bulgakov
SLAV 248 Childhood and Adolescence in Slavic Literature