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You must read this carefully:

All courses listed below are approved for the Global Studies BA.  If you are interested in courses offered as a part of the Global Studies MA program, please refer to this page.

Many departments have special topic numbers. These are denoted by an asterisk in our course lists. All special topics classes require approval from Director of Undergraduate Studies in order to receive GLBL credit. Do not assume you will receive GLBL credit for taking a special topics class if you have not petitioned the Global Studies office. Petitions will no longer be accepted via e-mail and must be submitted through our new Course Credit Request System. This system also serves students seeking to request any other type of UNC course to count towards the GLBL major.

For courses taken as part of a study abroad program, please see the Study Abroad page.

Global Studies (GLBL) Courses Offered Summer 2021

Approved Courses Offered Spring 2021

Approved Courses Offered Fall 2020

Global Studies (GLBL) Courses Offered Summer 2020

Approved Courses Offered Spring 2020

Approved Courses Offered Fall 2019

Approved Courses Offered Spring 2019

Approved Courses Offered Fall 2018
Approved Courses Offered Spring 2018
Approved Courses Offered Fall 2017

All Courses Approved for the Major