Global Studies MA Spring 2018 Core Courses 


GLBL 700: Introduction to Research and Theory in Global Studies

(required for all first year Global Studies MA students)
Instructor: Dr. Betsy Olson

Mondays, 3:00-6:00pm
Hamilton 351

Global Studies examines world systems, transnational processes, and global-local interactions from perspectives informed by a number of disciplines.  This course will introduce students to current interdisciplinary theoretical approaches to global studies and examine the primary topics of contemporary research relating to the rise of a complex but increasingly integrated world society.


GLBL 703: Global Migration and Labor Rights

(required of Thematic Global Studies MA students only)
Instructor: Dr. Angela Stuesse

Wednesdays, 11:15 am- 2:15pm
Global Education Center 3033

The course will focus on the interactions of migration, labor rights, human rights, economics, health disparities, and cross-border tensions.


GLBL 730: Identities and Transitions

(required of REEES Global Studies MA students only)
Instructor: Dr. Graeme Robertson

Wednesdays, 10:10am-1:10pm
New East 301

Capstone course for the REEES concentration in the Global Studies MA program. Interdisciplinary course focusing on the variety of problems encountered by the societies of East European countries and successor states of the former Soviet Union in their transition from communism to democracy.